Iron Man Secretly Wants to Kill the Avengers With His New Powers

Warning! Spoilers for Iron Man #14 by Marvel Comics

After acquiring god-like powers, Iron Man's subconscious is imagining what it would be like to kill all of the Avengers at once. In a wild dream sequence-esque ride through Tony Stark's mind, the hero imagines what it's like to be in charge, where he imagines using the Power Cosmic to obliterate the Avengers. However, Iron Man soon realizes that he doesn't need to get ahead of himself with his new powers.

In a desperate attempt to stop Korvac from gaining the Power Cosmic from Galactus worldship Taa II, Iron Man reached into the same power source, gaining a god-like upgrade in his current ongoing series at Marvel Comics. While future issues tease Iron Man and Korvac throwing literal planets at one another, Tony Stark is first undergoing a transformation with his new powers. In Iron Man #14, the titular hero takes a journey across his subconscious as he figures out what he's capable of with his new abilities. Tony quickly figures out the upgrade is like nothing he's experienced yet.

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In Iron Man #14 by Christopher Cantwell, Cafu, Angel Unzueta, Frank D'Armata, and VC's Joe Caramagna, Iron Man travels across his subconscious as he revisits his past and tackles his future. He ends up in his childhood home, running into a young version of himself. Tony admits he became a reckless, bombastic person because he never felt seen. Stark's wild ride sees a microscopic Iron Man encountering Captain America and later the villain Korvac as he realizes even with one of the universe's greatest power in the Power Cosmic, he still hates himself. Tony says he's done feeling sorry for himself and has a chance to make a real difference with his god-like powers. While pondering what the Avengers might think about his new powers, he says they'll try to stop him. Iron Man says he'll take charge as he evaporates them with his repulsors.

Iron Man doesn't really kill the Avengers, but in a part of his subconscious, it's something he's thought about should they oppose his new powers. Tony quickly admits he doesn't think it needs to "come to that" and has many ideas about what he should do next with his new abilities.

The Avengers aren't yet aware of Iron Man's transformation. Once they are, there's a good chance they'll try to reason with him to use his powers for good - as the Power Cosmic basically makes him a god in the Marvel Universe. While it's unlikely Iron Man will ever turn on his Avengers teammates, with more power than ever before, the hero could become corrupted. Hopefully, the vision showed in his subconscious never comes to fruition.

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