How Powerful Is Shang-Chi Compared To Other Avengers?

Shang-Chi is the latest superhero to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe — here’s how his power compares with the Avengers. Shang-Chi made his MCU debut in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings where he ultimately claimed the power of the eponymous Ten Rings from his father after his passing. However, Shang-Chi was pretty powerful before being bestowed with the magical bracelets, having trained since birth to be a fighter.

Shang-Chi may have been masquerading as a valet, but he showed off his Kung Fu abilities pretty early on in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. He was able to take out a group of assassins on his own (and while inside a moving bus). Growing up, he trained in several forms of martial arts (including Wing Chun and Bajiquan), could successfully assassinate a target, and inherited his mother’s vital energy that elevated his mystical abilities and ultimately led him to connect with the Great Protector, which boosted his strength and agility. Now that he has the Ten Rings in his arsenal, Shang-Chi is more powerful than ever and could probably best the most superhuman Avengers out there.

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With only his Kung Fu abilities and other martial arts skills, Shang-Chi could be compared to Black Widow, who had excellent combat and tactical skills that allowed her to best assailants and quietly kill people as an assassin. However, Shang-Chi’s training far exceeds that of Black Widow’s Red Room instruction, which didn't involve the magical. Paired with the power of the Ten Rings, which provides him with super strength, advanced reflexes, energy manipulation and blasts, and longevity in life, Shang-Chi’s powers are comparable to that of the Hulk, Thor, Captain Marvel, and Scarlet Witch, who may be just a step above him because she can create a whole world with a hex. He’s certainly more powerful than Iron Man and Hawkeye, who doesn’t have any supernatural abilities that boosts his archery skill set. Captain America is one of the strongest Avengers, but even his abilities likely wouldn’t beat that of Shang-Chi’s in the long run; Cap is more of a traditional combatant, while Shang-Chi has other skills on his side.

Shang-Chi’s links with the mystical side also puts him on par with that of Doctor Strange’s powers, though his ability to tap into the Ten Rings’ powers and the vital energy of his mother makes him potentially stronger than the Master of the Mystic Arts. There’s definitely some competition there. What’s more, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings hints there is far more to the Ten Rings than what was shown in the film. The Ten Rings are so ancient that even Wong’s archives held no information regarding their origin, which means there is a lot of untapped potential regarding their power and what Shang-Chi is capable of doing while wearing them.

The Ten Rings and Shang-Chi’s vast training in martial arts currently makes him one of the strongest characters in the MCU and in the same league as the elite superheroes — namely, those with cosmic and superhuman powers. It’s pretty impressive considering Shang-Chi is a new superhero, but he’s had years to hone his skills, so that even without the Ten Rings, he would make a formidable fighter. While he hasn’t officially worked with any of the Avengers in the field yet, there’s potential for him to show off his powers and abilities alongside the most skilled superheroes following the ending of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.

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