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Warning: SPOILERS for Last Night in Soho to follow.

Edgar Wright's psychological thriller Last Night in Soho was released on October 29th, and has a number of twists and turns that could lend themselves to a sequel. Last Night in Soho immediately garnered praise from fans and critics alike; legendary author Stephen King even tweeted "I got an advance look at LAST NIGHT IN SOHO, and plan to see it again when it opens on Friday. I hardly ever re-watch--there's so many good things out there--but this one is special."  While Last Night in Soho's total box office performance remains to be seen, it's clear that the film is an artistic success at the very least.

Last Night in Soho is also continuing proof of Wright's genre-spanning prowess. Though the Shaun of the Dead director is largely known for comedies, Soho sees him adeptly transitioning into more serious fare. Even though Edgar Wright is also not necessarily known for creating direct followups to his films, the existence of a Baby Driver 2 screenplay points to the possibility of a Last Night in Soho sequel.

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Thanks to the unique ghost-seeing power Thomasin McKenzie's Eloise possesses, there are many directions in which a Last Night in Soho sequel could go. The most obvious way to expand the story would of course be to continue Eloise's relationship with Anya Taylor-Joy's Sandie, who makes an appearance in the final frames of Last Night in Soho's ending. The reality-bending aspect of Eloise's powers certainly leaves the door open for future influence from the serial murderer.

Given the twisting and surprising nature of Last Night in Soho's story, though, a follow-up could just as easily explore a new mystery altogether. Eloise's mother is revealed early in the film, and she is all but confirmed to be another ghost as audiences learn more about Eloise's unique gift. As Last Night in Soho brilliantly subverts expectations, it would be fitting for a sequel to show there is more to Eloise's mother's suicide than meets the eye. Just as Eloise fell into Sandie's memories, she could uncover new details about the life and death of her own mother.

Last Night in Soho is also unique from other thrillers in the way it explores 1960's London during a series of flashbacks. While Last Night in Soho isn't too violent, a sequel could easily explore some of the more chilling moments in London's history. Eloise's powers could help unravel a mystery set during the World War II-era or even touch on a legend as iconic as Jack the Ripper. Though Edgar Wright has not publicly spoken about any thoughts regarding a Last Night in Soho sequel, the characters, story, and tone he and co-writer Krysty Wilson-Cairns have created certainly warrant a follow-up.

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