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Hellbound creator Yeon Sang-ho gives an update on season 2, indicating that the story may not continue with a live-action format. The series, which arrived to Netflix on November 19, takes place in an alternate version of Earth. Over the course of its six episodes, viewers are introduced to a world where angels manifest before individuals to inform them of their sins and their impending demise. And, when that time comes, these unlucky souls are dragged to hell.

According to Netflix’s data, Hellbound made a big splash upon its premiere. The South Korean show reached the top of the streamer’s global charts within a day of its debut, besting Squid Game, which reached that target several days after its episodes dropped. Critical responses were similarly favorable, noting that the dark fantasy weaved its elements of genre into a very compelling human drama and tackled questions about the nature of sinning. Given the worldwide buzz it has gathered, per the data shared by Netflix, and given that Hellbound season 1 ended with several unanswered questions, there has been a lot of chatter about what a second installment could look like.

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Yeon, known for directing Train to Busan and its sequel Peninsula, spoke with Variety about his projects. As it related to the experience of making Hellbound, Yeon praised Netflix for being supportive of his vision. Yeon went on to say that he and his creative partner Choi Kyu-sok, who wrote the series, have yet to discuss a follow-up with the streamer. Although he did note that if Hellbound season 2 were to happen, it’d likely take the form of webtoons at first. You can read Yeon’s quote below.

“I will say that it’s true, the process of working with Netflix was very enjoyable on my end. They very much agreed to and related to my creative vision, but they also created an environment where I didn’t have to think about anything else aside from focusing on my creativity in terms of distribution or when or how to release the series. Because Hellbound is based on the original webtoons, my partner Choi Kyu-Seok and I have decided that the story afterwards will be told first through the webtoon and, as for whether we would want to turn that into another live-action series, that’s something that we will need further discussion on. As you know, we have only just released Hellbound Season 1 and so we didn’t have any time to discuss that issue with Netflix. So I would say this is something we need further discussion on.”

As indicated by Yeon, that trajectory would not be unusual for Hellbound. The series’ origins are as a two-part animated film, which was later extended as an 11-minute webtoon for a Korean digital platform that would ultimately serve as a guide for the six-part series that was commissioned by Netflix. While the news may be disappointing for fans who are keen to revisit the dark fantasy world that Yeon established, it doesn’t preclude a live-action continuation. That’s particularly true with Hellbound, which seems to be a roaring success.

To take the example of Squid Game, creator Hwang Dong-hyuk was similarly direct about his lack of desire in rushing towards a second season. But, after the series’ big pop culture impact, Hwang did confirm early plans for Squid Game season 2. With both shows operating on a high level of creativity, it’s for the best that the writing team doesn’t feel pressured to make something quick and deliver a new batch of episodes simply for the sake of meeting audience and business expectations. And, hopefully, if Hellbound does return in a live-action format, it’ll be worth the wait.

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