Hawkeye Episode 3 Will Make Thanos Is Right Even Weirder

Warning: Contains SPOILERS for Hawkeye episodes 1 & 2. 

Following on from the first two installments, Hawkeye episode 3 could make the "Thanos was right" argument seem even weirder in the MCU. Ever since Avengers: Infinity War revealed Thanos' plan to balance the universe, there have been those who supported his actions, or at least his motives. While this started with audiences, Marvel has made it part of MCU canon, especially in Phase 4, by showing there are plenty of people who believe in what the Mad Titan did and that the world was better before the Blip.

This has formed a key part of Marvel's Disney+ shows in particular, with WandaVision and even more so The Falcon and the Winter Soldier exploring the global impact of so many people being snapped out of existence and then suddenly returning five years later. Hawkeye's own post-Avengers: Endgame story is more personal, focused on Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) having to face up to his past actions as Ronin, but it does find some time to touch upon the "Thanos was right" debate.

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In Hawkeye episode 1, "Never Meet Your Heroes," Clint takes a bathroom break during the Captain America-centric musical, Rogers!, and scrawled on the urinal is graffiti proclaiming "Thanos was right," which Clint notices but doesn't comment upon. However, a behind-the-scenes featurette reveals Hawkeye episode 3 will likely make things weirder, as it shows Clint drinking from a mug that also says "Thanos Was Right." Although it doesn't exactly make him a supporter of the notion, it is bemusing to see one of the Avengers using something that carries a message vindicating their greatest enemy (and at least enjoying the irony).

The "Thanos Was Right" mug, which likely appears in Hawkeye episode 3 given its placement in the BTS video, presumably belongs to Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld) or one of her family members, since Clint is still away from home in New York City; that itself raises some questions, though it's similarly unlikely that Kate herself is a believer in the Mad Titan's methods. Still, it does show just how widespread and popular a belief that Thanos' Infinity War Snap did have at least some justification, as it's spread from not only being something people graffitied on toilets or might've posted online to actual merchandising. Many may see it simply as a joke, of course, although the idea of "Thanos Was Right" becoming as casual and commonplace as "I Heart NY" memorabilia does feel at least a little disturbing.

Whether Hawkeye episode 3 and its following installments dive further into the idea of Thanos being right remains to be seen, but clearly the Mad Titan's actions will linger over the MCU for the long time, perhaps permanently given the sheer scale of them. Even years after Infinity War, the debate around Thanos rages on, despite the fact he committed genocide on a universal level, but at least Clint gets a nice mug and someone is making money out of it.

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