Halo Infinite's Xbox Series X Limited Edition Bundle & Everything In It

As the flagship franchise for Microsoft's Xbox consoles, Halo Infinite is receiving its own Limited Edition Series X bundle. Originally intended to release alongside the Series X and S, helping to shepherd the new generation of consoles, Halo Infinite was delayed by a year to ensure an extra layer of polish. The Series X is still difficult to get a hold of for those looking to buy, thanks to ongoing chip shortages and supply chain issues, and the Halo Infinite Limited Edition bundle will likely be even more exclusive.

Halo Infinite seems like it's been a long time coming at this point, but the lead up to its full release on December 9 has gone smooth so far. The Forge and Campaign Co-op modes being delayed until 2022 made the community a bit wary of how finished Infinite would be on launch, but the surprise release of Halo Infinite's free multiplayer has fans excited to get into the game. Halo Infinite is a cross-generation game, and the multiplayer can be played on Xbox One right now, but any die-hard Halo fans looking to upgrade may be interested in the Limited Edition Series X.

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For those looking at getting the less powerful, all digital Xbox Series S, there is no limited edition Halo Infinite version. Fortunately for those unable to grab the Limited Edition Series X, it doesn't come packaged with much more than a standard console, even though the console and controller have special designs. The Xbox Series X Halo Infinite Limited Edition bundle comes with the console, a single controller, an HDMI cable, and a copy of Halo Infinite.

Here's the full list of items, per the Xbox website:

  • Xbox Series X Halo Infinite Limited Edition console
  • Xbox Wireless Controller - Halo Infinite Limited Edition
  • Ultra High Speed HDMI cable
  • Halo Infinite

The "Ultra High Speed" just means it comes with an HDMI 2.1 cable to support the HDMI 2.1 ports on the Series X. The real highlight of the bundle (obviously) is the special design for the Series X console and Xbox controller. Both have the signature geometric designs used throughout the Halo series, this time in black, gray, and gold. The controller doesn't appear to have any other particularly unique details, and the most die-hard fans may want to opt for the Halo 2-themed Elite Controller instead, but plenty of care has been put into the console's physical design. When standing vertically, the top part of the Limited Edition Series X is "imprinted with stars as seen from the surface of Zeta Halo," the cosmic installation that Infinite takes place on. Within the stars is an outline mimicking the shape found on Master Chief's visor. This Xbox will also stand out from other Series X designs by having a bright blue air vent inspired by Cortana. The Halo Infinite Limited Edition console is currently sold out, but retailers may get more in stock at some point before the game's release.

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