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The surprise early launch of Halo Infinite multiplayer included a ranked mode where players can face off in a competitive setting. Halo Infinite's ranked mode provides an additional layer of challenging competition by implementing combat modifiers that require players to be more aware of their surroundings at all times. Like many competitive first person shooters, players are first required to play through a series of matches that begins their placement. After being placed in a rank tier, the Halo Infinite multiplayer adjusts the rank of its players depending upon how they perform from that point onward.

Naturally, winning more matches will improve a player's ranking, and losing more matches will decrease their ranking. The first ranking requires players to complete ten matches in ranked mode, and while the matches don't have to be won the performance in the preliminary will affect how players are placed in the beginning. Performance-based metrics regarding wins and individual performance are emphasized, and there are a few tips and tricks for Halo Infinite's multiplayer that can help players improve their standings.

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Halo Infinite's ranked mode is divided into four different types of matches, namely Capture the Flag, Slayer, Oddball, and Strongholds. Capture the Flag requires teams to grab the enemy team's flag and return it to their own base while maintaining possession of their own flag. Slayer is the classic team vs team gunfight where the first team to reach 50 kills wins. Oddball is best two out of three rounds of holding the flaming skull, known as the Oddball, for 100 seconds. Strongholds is about holding two out of three zones, at least, to earn 250 points before the opposing team. While these are all modes that are included in the casual Halo Infinite multiplayer, players will also need to be mindful that they'll have no radar, no grenade hit-markers, active friendly fire, and everyone begins the round with a Battle Rifle.

While a few modes are unique to Halo specifically, there are some universal tips and tricks that should always be kept in mind for first-person shooters. Perhaps the most important tip is to always be aiming with a purpose, known as "centering," never randomly in various directions. It's important to always be aiming where an enemy could be, even if they aren't there in the moment, in order to be prepared for any pending fight. Another important tip for Halo Infinite's multiplayer ranked mode is to back out fights that are guaranteed losses. It doesn't make any sense to continue shooting at an enemy who was able to get the first couple of shots off, so find some cover and reposition. The last universal rule is to take corners at regular paces, not sprints. Sprinting around a corner makes it difficult to quickly adjust if a player is prepared for the enemy to pop up.

Across all modes, never randomly throw grenades where teammates are located. Friendly fire is on, so it's more than likely that a randomly tossed grenade will end up causing more damage than originally intended. Grenades should instead be saved for enemies when there is visual confirmation and no cover for them to take. Additionally, frag grenades also require a first touch before they activate, so be sure to bounce them at opponents instead of throwing them directly. Conversely, any type of Plasma Grenade in Halo Infinite, or grenade that has an adhesive property, should be thrown with the intention to stick the opponent. This ties back into always aiming with a purpose, because a quick "sticky grenade" throw is an easy way to win a fight.

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The easiest way to win more Halo Infinite ranked matches is by joining up with a pre-made fireteam, or having a way to communicate with other teammates. Calling out enemy locations, health status, positioning, and the like are all so important for any type of competitive play. Of course, anyone can still play without using a microphone, but it will prove to be a more difficult challenge. Additionally, while it's not required, playing with a headset or speaker settings that can more easily define sounds is a huge advantage, especially when playing ranked mode games with cross-play in Halo Infinite. Next to great communication, the ability to differentiate left and right sounds are invaluable.

Halo Infinite's CTF mode can be one of the more challenging game types to play, especially when playing with random teammates. It's important to remember that grabbing the other team's flag means next to nothing if neither team has their own flag in their base. The number one priority, in all cases, should be to make sure the team flag remains at the base at all times. If the other team grabs it, get it returned as soon as possible, and solo players should focus on playing more defense than offense.

Halo Infinite's Slayer is the classic multiplayer kill or be killed competition, and in ranked it's more important to not die than it is to get a kill. Pull out of losing fights to prevent the other team from getting a kill, and reposition for a counteroffensive. Stay relatively close to teammates to support one another, but not so close that a single grenade could kill everyone. Above all else, less deaths than kills always contribute positively to the team's total score.

Halo Infinite's Stronghold is challenging in ranked, particularly because there isn't any radar to let players know when the enemy team draws near to a zone. For those capturing any zone, remain mobile inside of the zone to avoid any grenades. Additionally, be mindful of where enemies could come from, and aim with purpose. For those who are trying to defend or approach a zone, do not throw random grenades in hopes of stopping opponents. Get a visual on them, then attack. Grenades are much more deadly when players can see what they're throwing them at.

Halo Infinite's Oddball requires a lot of tactical positioning and movement. Naturally, anyone without the Oddball should be trying to defend or kill the person with the Oddball. For those holding the Oddball, which is challenging work in Halo Infinitealways remain mobile and feed off of the information from teammates. For example, if teammates defeat an enemy on the left, move left. Other enemies will most likely be coming from the right side by that time, allowing the Oddball holder to keep the ball longer. Never remain in one position, let alone hiding in a corner. While those areas may seem nice, they're difficult to defend and counterattack if the enemy retrieves the ball. Instead, if death is imminent, bring the Oddball to an open position where teammates can have a clear line of fire on the enemy as they grab the ball.

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Halo Infinite is available now on PC, Xbox Series X, and Xbox One.

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