Flash Is About To Get His Face Eaten By DC’s Greatest Detective

Warning: contains spoilers for Flash #775!

The Fastest Man Alive is about to face DC's greatest detective, as The Flash #778 sees Wally West go up against Bobo T. Chimpanzee, aka Detective Chimp. The two will meet as Wally attempts to work with the Justice League Dark and Amethyst to defeat the terrifying villain Eclipso, but it seems that before Flash can take on the villain, he's going to have to fight his friends.

First appearing in 1952's Adventures of Rex the Wonder Dog #4, Detective Chimp is a super-intelligent primate generally held to be even Batman's superior as an investigator, partly because his unusual perspective allows him to fully consider possibilities the more logical Dark Knight can't accept. This unique outlook led Bobo to join Wonder Woman's Justice League Dark, helping the team to combat the Upside-Down Man and the Batman Who Laughs, and ultimately inheriting the Sword of Night and the duty to protect the mystical land of Myrra.

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It's no surprise that Flash will be teaming up with a genius of Bobo's stature, as Eclipso is a huge threat. Recent issues have seen a magical glaive fall to Earth, attracting DC's most despicable villains and awakening hatred in the populace of Central City. In Flash #775 , it turned out that Eclipso had been imprisoned within the weapon, possessing the energy vampire Starbreaker as part of a new plan to seize power (one which seems to fit into Darkseid's larger plans, as Eclipso and the Upside-Down Man were both among the villains Infinite Frontier #6 set up as major players in DC's new era.) Now, DC's January solicitations reveal that Flash #778 (from Jeremy Adams, Fernando Pasarin, and Matt Ryan) will see Flash racing to thwart Eclipso, with Brandon Peterson's cover showing he'll have to avoid being savaged by Detective Chimp to do it.

  • THE FLASH #778
  • Written by JEREMY ADAMS
  • Variant cover by JORGE CORONA
  • $3.99 US | 32 pages | $4.99 US Variant (Card Stock)
  • ON SALE 1/18/22
  • Having traveled to Gemworld by way of the second dimension, the Flash joins Justice League Dark and the princess of Gemworld, Amethyst, in a race against time to thwart Eclipso's evil plans.

It seems that with mentions of the second dimension and Gemworld, Eclipso has big plans, and Flash may be the key to stopping them. The most recent issue ended with a battered and bruised Doctor Fate dragging Flash through a portal, asking for Wally's help and telling him the fate of the universe is in his hands. It's possible this is because of Flash's immunity to Eclipso's corruption, as the glaive that drove everyone else to their darkest self failed to affect Wally, since he has no desire to acquire more power.

Recent stories would suggest Detective Chimp would feel the same - he didn't even want the Sword of Night - but Bobo's intellect is both a blessing and a curse, and it's easy to see how his thirst for knowledge might create a sense of ambition that Eclipso can exploit. How Wally will survive a potentially corrupted Justice League Dark - each more powerful, if not more immediately terrifying, than Detective Chimp - isn't clear, and fans will have to wait until January 18 when The Flash #778 hits physical and digital retailers to find out.

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