Final Fantasy XIV: How to Change Retainer Appearance

Besides the valuable services they provide, Final Fantasy XIV Retainers are a great way to let players' imaginations run wild in the character creator while not affecting the looks of their own playable avatar; however, there may come a time when a player may wish to change the appearance of their Retainers. To do so, players will need a special consumable called Retainer Fantasia. Not to be confused with the Phial of Fantasia, an item sold in the optional Online Store at which FFXIV players can make purchases with real money, Retainer Fantasia can only be obtained through in-game methods.

Retainer Fantasia allows players to change the appearance of their Retainer and lets them change their nickname and personality as well. However, players need to ensure all of the Retainer's Final Fantasy XIV equipment and accessories are unequipped before using the Fantasia. They should note that the primary tool or weapon that dictates the Retainer's job doesn't need to be removed. There are two ways players can procure Retainer Fantasia in Final Fantasy XIV.

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The first and most straightforward way to change a Retainer's appearance in Final Fantasy XIV is by purchasing Retainer Fantasia from the player Market Board. On average, a vial should cost about 20,000 Gil. However, this cost could be slightly lower or much higher, depending on the server. Newer Final Fantasy XIV players who are farming Gil to buy other rare items such as emotes or minions could instead commit to the passive way of obtaining Retainer Fantasia.

The second method of acquiring Retainer Fantasia is by farming Final Fantasy XIV Retainer Ventures. After the player's Retainer reaches Level 10, they will be able to activate "Quick Explorations," which is an RNG-based Venture activity in which a Retainer will always return with a single random item.

The Retainer's level determines the "Quick Exploration" reward and the quality of the procured item. Additionally, there are unique items that Retainers can only obtain during a "Quick Exploration," one of which is the Venture Coffer. Once consumed, a Venture Coffer will reward players with one of several rare General-purpose Dyes or a vial of Retainer Fantasia. After obtaining or buying Retainer Fantasia, Final Fantasy XIV players must speak with a Retainer Vocate NPC to change their Retainer's appearance.

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Final Fantasy 14 is available on PC, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4.

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