Every Way Skyrim's Tabletop RPG Is Like The Elder Scrolls' Game

Recently a board game version of the famous RPG The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was announced. It is known as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim The Adventure Game. It joins the list of other series that have received TTRPG or board game adaptations, including notable entries such as StarCraft, Doom, Dark Souls, Resident Evil, XCOM, and others.

It seems even ten years on, Skyrim is still immensely popular, and players are waiting to get their hands on new Skyrim content. A recent 10th Anniversary Edition of the game went on sale, but the Skyrim TTRPG aims to scratch a different kind of itch. The tabletop game is made by Modiphius Entertainment in collaboration with Bethesda Game Studios, the original makers of the Elder Scrolls series.

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim The Adventure Game is set in the same location as the original game, but tells a new story as it is a prequel to the video game. Players take on the role of members of the Elder Scrolls' Blades, a secret intelligence service and protectors of the Empire. They’ve featured prominently in the other games as well, but in the time when Skyrim The Adventure Game is set the Blades have fallen upon hard times.

In the time that the video game version of Skyrim begins, the Blades have mostly been wiped out. This happened during the years of the Great War and the aftermath, which occurred around three decades earlier. Players will get to experience the Elder Scrolls events that led up to this and assume the roles of members of the Blades as either a Nord, Imperial, Khajiit, High Elf, Dark Elf, or Orc.

The tabletop game is for 1-4 players normally, but with the multiplayer add-on, it can go up to 8 players. It has a single-player mode much like every Elder Scrolls game to date except for The Elder Scrolls Online. However, it’s likely more fun to play with others. There are six chapters for players to complete, and each chapter takes around an hour and a half to two hours to finish. It can go on for longer though, because players can spend time tackling side quests in Skyrim, as appropriate for an Elder Scrolls game.

Skyrim The Adventure Game starts off in much the same way as other games in the series, with the players being held against their will in some fashion. Players start in different locations around the map, but soon enough they will escape their confines and encounter one another. Since they are part of the same organization, and since they are all being targeted, they have little choice but to team up. After all, they’re much stronger together, and Skyrim is a cruel and harsh enough land already, especially when it comes to its Elder Scrolls-inspired dungeons.

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The dungeons in the adventure game take inspiration from the video game, with many different dungeon types. There are caves, mines, tombs, and Dwemer ruins, which are the toughest areas to conquer in the tabletop RPG. Each type of dungeon has different types of enemies and different rewards for beating them. For example, caves will have different types of animals, ruins can have Daedra lurking within them, and of course, tombs will have undead. Dungeons will also scale up in difficulty as players get more powerful.

Players can learn and improve different skills, such as sneak, one-handed, block, destruction, light armor, and others familiar to those who have played the original Skyrim. As they progress through the campaign, they will gain XP in these skills, meaning they become more effective. As this is a board game, it frequently translates into rolling more dice.

The game has a lot of role-playing elements that let players make choices as to how they want to play. For example, they can spend money to buy a horse, or they can steal one which has consequences such as getting a bounty placed on them, much like what happens in the video game. Alternately, they can pay gold to take a cart to travel between each of the Holds in Skyrim. There are multiple approaches to each challenge, which lets players capitalize on their specific strengths, though not everything will always go to plan.

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Along the way, they gather familiar weapons and armor to better protect themselves in battle and find all sorts of items, including the notorious drug Skooma. Players can even meet some of the characters appearing in the Skyrim video game. Since Skyrim The Adventure Game is a prequel to this, many of these characters can have very different roles than they do later in life. While it isn't necessarily important to know who they are, it can still be fun to recognize them.

In addition to completing the chapter objectives, players can get assigned quests. These quests have randomness to them, much like the Radiant Quests that appeared in Skyrim. This means that each playthrough can be vastly different, and no two games will play out in quite the same way. Skyrim The Adventure Game is very replayable in this sense.

In the video game, most of the Blades are dead, and players will get to experience the events that led to this and affect outcomes during the campaign in Skyrim: The Adventure Game. They can save the lives of other NPC Blades, who then will join as followers in Skyrim. Sooner or later, though, players will fail at their actions, but the game still goes on.

There are consequences to the actions of the players with cities rioting, Daedra invasions, or all manner of other events happening across the province of Skyrim. As Blades, it is the players’ sworn duty to protect the Empire, so they will be rushing to solve these problems as they occur. The game also scales in difficulty to the number of players, so in multiplayer games, teamwork is essential to succeed.

The tabletop board game is scheduled to release in August 2022, so players don’t have too long to wait to be able to undertake the myriad of quests within. It has expansions too, such as Dawnguard, which for those familiar with the original, involves fighting against or becoming vampires. The randomness of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim The Adventure Game ensures endless replayability, meaning it is something to tide players over until The Elder Scrolls 6 comes out.

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