Even Superman & Wonder Woman Know Their Romance was a Mistake

Warning: contains spoilers for Justice League Infinity #5!

DC's Superman and Wonder Woman are two of the most powerful Earth-bound superheroes in the DC universe, and along with Batman, are considered two of the Big Three of the company's characters. It wasn't long, then, before writers considered pairing the two together romantically. However, these pairings are often fleeting at best - but that hasn't stopped writers from attempting the same trick again and again. Finally, in Justice League Infinity #5, even the Man of Steel and the Princess of Themyscira are officially fed up with the practice.

Created in 1938 and 1940 respectively, Superman and Wonder Woman became incredibly popular quite quickly during the war and thus gained respective romantic partners in their own books. Superman was paired up with Lois Lane, who at first did not realize that Clark Kent and Superman were one and the same (and would often pine for Superman right in front of Kent's face). Wonder Woman was paired up with American pilot Steve Trevor, but his relationship with Diana was not as steady as Lois and Clark, as the character would leave and enter the Wonder Woman books repeatedly.

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The two have admitted feelings for each other in the past, but in the DC main universe, they admitted there were better off as friends - until DC's New 52. A relaunch of the entire DC universe, Superman and Wonder Woman became a couple, but Superman broke off the relationship due to his feelings for Lois Lane. Eventually the New 52 continuity was done away with entirely, but Superman and Wonder Woman are in many relationships in alternate universes - as is the case in Justice League Infinity #5. Superman and Wonder Woman visit an alternate universe where reality has changed in subtle ways (Herman Göring became the instigator of World War II and Hitler never existed, for example).

The Superman and Wonder Woman of this universe are not only in a committed relationship, but married as well. “A little awkward, isn’t it? Knowing that in another universe we’re… they’re… married?” says Superman. It is indeed awkward, especially for Diana; in the DCAU universe on which the Justice League Infinity series is based, Wonder Woman is most often paired with Batman for a relationship, not Superman. Diana is in part attracted to Batman not because he has superpowers, but because he lacks them altogether and yet he charges into battle with the bravery of any one of her Amazon sisters.

In The Dark Knight Strikes Again, Kingdom Come, and even JLA Act of God, Superman and Wonder Woman are an item, but this is a frequent mistake on the part of the writers. There's a reason why both superheroes have human love interests in the comics: to show that neither Clark nor Diana care about a person's physical strength or innate abilities when it comes to a relationship. Superman and Wonder Woman love Lois Lane and Steve Trevor respectively not in spite of their human limitations, but because they overcome them.

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