Dracula is The Perfect Guardian for One Infinity Stone

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Winter Guard #3

In the latest issue of Marvel's Winter Guard, it's revealed that Dracula would be the perfect guardian for one of the Infinity Stones. In the new issue where Red Guardian and the White Widow are being hunted by the Winter Guard, it's established that Dracula is a hoarder of secrets, loving the leverage it gives him over others. Keeping with that same logic, it seems likely that Dracula would be an ideal Infinity Stone guardian just like The Collector if he were to be given the Mind Stone.

In Winter Guard #3 from writer Ryan Cady and artist Jan Bazaldua, it's revealed that Dracula has held onto a secret data drive for Red Guardian for years, containing several secrets regarding the Russian government's darkest and most corrupt activities. As Alexei Shostakov notes, Dracula loves possessing secrets, seeing them as a status symbol and a form of power given the great leverage they provide. As such, it stands to reason that Dracula could likewise be trusted with one of the Infinity Stones to a degree, provided that it's one he wouldn't be tempted to use in the Marvel Universe.

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As a result, the Mind Stone seems as though it would be the perfect Infinity Stone for the lord of vampires to safeguard. Given that the Infinity Stones operate as a circuit where each stone runs on the mastery of another’s core trait, Dracula wouldn't be able to use the Mind Stone seeing as how it requires mastery of the soul. Being vampires, Dracula and his forces have no souls which means the Mind Stone would be virtually inoperable. Likewise, Dracula can already hypnotize others and control his vampires, meaning that the Mind Stone wouldn't give him a meaningful boost to his power regardless. Furthermore, he's already incredibly cunning and smart so the Mind Stone's ability to grant enhanced intelligence to its wielder would be largely redundant as well. The main power it would provide Dracula would be the simple act of having it in his possession, just like the data drive he kept for Red Guardian and only giving it up when it was most advantageous.

While Dracula is a powerful villain, his inability to wield the Mind Stone combined with his love of collecting secrets would make him an ideal protector for this specific Infinity Stone. Likewise, it'd be far from the first time a morally questionable character from the Marvel Universe has been given custody over one or more of the Stones. However, trying to get it back would certainly be a challenge, seeing as how the benefits/advantage would have to be fairly large in order to motivate Dracula to relinquish it.

Similarly, this new issue ends with Dracula giving Red Guardian his drive back, seeing as how it will most likely result in the weakening of the Russian government, something the vampire lord would certainly like to see. Dracula's been making moves to bring his own nation to greater heights in the face of the current geopolitical landscape undergoing great change, and Russia losing strength would absolutely benefit his domain of Chernobyl. Regardless, the issue supports the idea that Dracula would be a suitable keeper for the Mind Infinity Stone quite well.

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