Deadpool's Daughter With Spider-Man Is Even Grosser (and Deadlier)

The bromance (OK, maybe just romance) between Spider-Man and Deadpool is undeniably strong, so strong in fact that they actually have a shared biological child, appropriately named Itsy Bitsy—who's pretty gross and deadly. Itsy Bitsy is a violent, powerful, and pretty icky spider-human hybrid created from the combined DNA profiles of Peter Parker and Wade Wilson, making them unwitting parents to a homicidal mutate.

First introduced in Spider-Man/Deadpool Vol. 1 #8—illustrated by Ed McGuinness, Mark Morales, and John Livesay, with writing by Joe Kelly—Itsy Bitsy is a psychopathic human who is a willing volunteer for the experimentations of Patient Zero, the former villain Weasel who has a single-minded obsession with destroying Spider-Man and Deadpool. Itsy Bitsy is not Deadpool's first child, or even his only murderous one, but she definitely leaves a strong impression on both the heroes. Patient Zero uses gene splicing to create Itsy Bitsy, who takes on the name Susan Mary after the procedure, and gains the appearance of a blue-skinned, many armed and eyed spider-human mutate.

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Spider-Man and Deadpool first meet Itsy Bitsy when she interrupts their battle on Wall Street with the Hateful Hexad, eventually killing Hexad members Gibbon, Bearboarguy, and The Ox, all the while singing the nursery rhyme "Itsy Bitsy Spider," which causes Spider-Man to name her "Itsy Bitsy" after she runs away. It is shown that Itsy Bitsy has all of Spider-Man's powers, including his Spider Sense as well as the mutated form of Man-Spider. She also possesses Deadpool's extreme healing factor and his penchant for using dual swords. On top of this, her spider powers go beyond Parker's—her organic webs can harden and be used for attacks. Plus, she can spit acid. All in all, Itsy Bitsy is a powerful, deranged, and kind of gross villain.

Itsy Bitsy is seemingly killed by Deadpool, atomized in a plasma breeder, but by the end of the issue it is revealed that some part of Susan Mary survived atomization, and she is stuck in a small spider form, potentially slowly regenerating her full body. While killing their mutated spider-child might have not been the best display of parenting from Deadpool and Spider-Man, there is still a chance for Itsy Bitsy to return to the Marvel Universe and redeem herself, like Deadpool and his other children have done in the past.

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