DCEU Heroes, Ranked Least To Most Likely To Win Squid Game

The Squid Game is one of the most brutal competitions to have appeared in recent popular culture, forcing people to compete against one another for their lives with the promise of money. While at first glance it might appear as if all of the heroes of the DC Extended Universe would fare equally well at this game, the truth is that their unique skills, and liabilities, would predispose some of them to win and others to lose.

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In the end, being a hero is no guarantee that one is able to win a competition that depends on ruthlessness as much as it does on skill.

10 Batman

Batman is, of course, one of the iconic heroes of the DCEU, and he plays a key role in putting together the Justice League (while wearing some pretty practical Bat-outfits). He is also a formidable fighter in his own right. However, he has a number of liabilities that would make him one of the least likely to win in the Squid Game. Most importantly, he seems unable to keep from getting into squabbles with other people, and his ego would make him a prime target for those who want to win the game by taking him out early.

9 Superman

To some, it might seem that Superman would be one of the DCEU heroes most able to win the Squid Game, given his enormous strength and numerous other abilities. However, he suffers from some of the same problems as Batman, including his inflexible sense of right and wrong. It’s unlikely that he would be able to muster up the kind of cut-throat attitude that would be necessary, leaving him very likely to be taken out by a more ruthless player in the game.

8 The Flash

The Flash is one of the most likable characters in the DCEU, in part because he doesn’t have quite as many emotional and mental hangups as the other members. His incredible speed and agility would make him a formidable competitor in the Squid Game. Unfortunately, his generally good nature and optimism would render him into just the type of player that others would take advantage of and ultimately eliminate, most likely in the very early stages of the game.

7 Aquaman

Even though he's one of Jason Momoa’s most likable characters, Aquaman is also something of an antihero, and he occasionally proves unwilling to join in and help when others need him. Paradoxically, this means that he would make a very good competitor on the Squid Game, since he would be able to wait to seize the most valuable opportunities rather than racing in before he is ready. At the same time, his genuine strong sense of right and wrong would hamstring him and keep him from emerging the ultimate victor.

6 Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is widely regarded as one of the best and bravest heroes in the DCEU, and with good reason. She combines a strong moral compass with some formidable abilities as a warrior. She’s endured quite a lot, and she’s shown that she can be brutally pragmatic when she needs to be. She’s the type of superhero who would be able to see what was needed to win and she would do it, though she would most likely feel a little guilty about what it takes to win the Squid Game.

5 Black Canary

Black Canary, one of the stars of Birds of Prey, is one of the more formidable of the female heroes of the DCEU, and her hypersonic screams would definitely help her if she should find herself in a bind during the Squid Game.

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What’s more, though she does have a heart and a conscience, she shows that she is able to pretend to be something that she’s not - most notably in her pretending to be largely disconnected from the world - and this ability to deceive others would give her an edge during the more strenuous and dangerous parts of the Squid Game.

4 Peacemaker

Peacemaker is one of the “heroes” of the DCEU that is more morally conflicted than most, capable of great acts of brutality and generosity. Throughout his time in The Suicide Squad, he doesn’t let anything stand in the way of his mission, or in the way of doing bad things, even if that means killing (as he shows in his willingness to murder Flag in cold blood). Thus, he’s just the type of person that would excel at the Squid Game, doing whatever it took to make sure that he not only survived by seizing the victory.

3 Cyborg


Like many of the other heroes of the DCEU, Cyborg has a lot of emotional baggage, and he struggles to put that behind him as he becomes a superhero charged with saving the world. He has a number of skills that would allow him to be a skilled player, particularly his unparalleled ability to hack into computer systems.

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His skills would be such that he might even be able to overcome those in charge of the game, as well as his own fellow competitors.

2 Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn is another character widely regarded as one of the best in the DCEU, and she has repeatedly shown that she has the ability to switch sides, most notably moving from the girlfriend and ally of the Joker to being a hero in her own right. It’s precisely this ability to move through different identities depending on the circumstances - as well as her ability to survive torments that would kill a weaker person, that would prime her to be a true victor of the Squid Game.

1 Bloodsport

Bloodsport is one of Idris Elba’s best roles, and he is one of the most fascinating and complex of antiheroes in the DCEU. He has a ruthless streak and a willingness to do almost anything it takes to stay alive, which means that he would be just the type of person who would do very well in the Squid Game. As he shows in his actions of The Suicide Squad, he has the ability to see a problem in all of its complexity and solve whatever problem he encounters. He is therefore the most likely of the DCEU heroes to win the Squid Game.

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