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Given his parentage, it's no surprise that Boruto has more than a few special abilities, and one of them is more than reminiscent of Spider-Man's Spider-Sense. Besides being Naruto’s son, Boruto has matured into a competent shinobi with the potential to become even more powerful than his father. Like all great ninja, much of his success lies in the powers he possesses or can develop. Perhaps the most interesting of Boruto’s powers is the dojutsu known as Jogan.

While all ninjas are expected to be competent in one or more of the basic martial techniques known as jutsu, there are some ninja who through a genetic mutation known as kekkei genkai, can access a unique ability known as dojutsu or “eye technique.” Depending on the specific mutation that the kekkei genkai creates in the individual, the dojutsu will allow the ninja to access and use a number of extra powers ranging from X-ray vision-like abilities to teleportation.

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The kekkei genkai is hereditary and generally only passed to an individual by their mother or father. Boruto’s mother Hinata Hyuga was born with the Byakugan. Boruto inherited the Byakugan but has yet to manifest it. Instead, Boruto gained a dojutsu known as Jogan or the “pure eye.” Jogan is extremely rare and has generally only manifested in members of the Otsutsuki, making it strange that Boruto has it. Additionally, in the manga Jogan is different from other dojutsu in that it is barely noticeable. Whereas a dojutsu, like Sharingen, manifests as a deep red pupil with three to four distinctive icons, Jogan is colorless but makes Boruto’s pupil a shade lighter with a more defined edge. This is different in the anime, where Jogan turns Boruto's eye black, save for the white iris and pupil.

Due to the rarity of Jogan, the full extent of its abilities is not known. However, its manifestation in Boruto has shown itself to provide him with three primary powers. First, like Spider-Man's spider-sense, it operates as a warning system. However, unlike the spider-sense's general warning, with Jogan, once alerted, Boruto can use it to identify the location of an opponent and track their movements. This ability is powered by Jogan’s ability to see the flow of an opponent’s chakra or vital energy. Through Jogan, Boruto can sense impending danger, identify its location, understand its vector of attack, and prepare accordingly.

In addition, Jogan also allows Boruto to see how chakra flows through and around opponents. It gives him a blueprint of an opponent's vital energy. With that information, Boruto will understand where he should focus his attack, namely those identified points that will block, reduce, or eliminate their ability to use chakra. Without the ability to access chakra, a ninja's ability to perform jutsu is significantly diminished. Finally, Jogan allows Boruto to see connections between dimensions. Potentially, this ability can allow Boruto to escape danger by passing through a dimensional portal or call in help from others in different dimensions.

It's undeniable that Jogan is a powerful ability. Not only does it provides Naruto's son with an incredible defense mechanism, but it can also be used to upgrade and improve his own attack strategy. Not only is it Boruto's version of Spider-Man's spider-sense, but it could also still have unknown powers that have yet to be unlocked.

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