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The first reviews and early impressions for Battlefield 2042 are in, with the game's Portal mode stealing the show as the highlight of the upcoming release. The game is set to launch on November 19, and will support up to 128 players across dynamically-changing battlegrounds with returning fan-favorite Battlefield modes including Conquest and Breakthrough.

Battlefield 2042 is one of the most highly-anticipated shooters of the year, but many are curious to see whether or not it will live up to expectations. The game's October beta saw mixed response from players, with some criticizing it for a lack of meaningful and fun gameplay. One aspect of the release that lots of Battlefield fans are excited for is the game's Portal, a tool that will allow users to create their own Battlefield experiences using features, modes, and weapons from Battlefield 1942, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Battlefield 3, and Battlefield 2042. The Battlefield Portal will expand over time as part of the game's live-service roadmap.

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Early Battlefield 2042 reviews from critics are mixed to positive, with many agreeing that while the game has its strengths, it's also not free from weaknesses. With more still to come, the majority of publications have yet to score the game numerically, instead offering in-progress breakdowns of reviewers' experiences so far. Based on the early impressions, players may find that Battlefield 2042 doesn't do enough to move the franchise forward, and is possibly too focused on new ideas that aren't fully explored. It's worth noting that, as a live-service game, Battlefield 2042 is set to evolve far past what it will offer at launch, but from the day of its release, players can likely expect impressive moments when in full-scale battle, with modes like Hazard Zone and Portal seemingly the game's highlights. Full reviews and scores can be expected from launch.

Harry Alston - Unscored - TheGamer

"So buy 2042, if only for the Portal mode. You’ve got 13 playable maps at launch, including maps from 1942, Bad Company 2, and Battlefield 3, and weapons, gadgets, and vehicles from all three games, too. It’s a great time - especially if you’ve played any of those games before. Portal is the future of the Battlefield series."

Stella Chung - Unscored - IGN

"After a dozen hours with Battlefield 2042, it’s clear not all of its new ideas are entirely successful, but the ones that are can be seriously impressive. The 128-player matches of its All-Out Warfare modes definitely feel like too much for their own good a lot of the time, but its more strategic new Hazard Zone mode is incredibly fun – and the customization tools Portal provides absolutely take the cake in terms of what could keep me interested long-term."

Austen Goslin - Unscored - Polygon

"There’s still nothing quite like being in the middle of a massive firefight with dozens of players, while jets strafe the ground around you, and a tank rumbles over a hilltop only 50 feet away. DICE has been in search of that old Battlefield magic for more than a decade, and Battlefield 2042 comes extremely close. But 2042, at least so far, rarely manages to be much more than that. It doesn’t feel like a real step forward for the franchise, or a meaningful update on a 20-year old formula. As of now, I’m still waiting for that next big leap."

Tyler Wilde - Unscored - PCGamer

"I'm hoping for the best on Friday, but I expect the usual ream of tech support threads to appear in the first week, and probably a notable exploit or two, or a weird balance issue. It's what we've learned to expect with every big multiplayer game launch, and Battlefield games in particular tend to get thorough and unforgiving technical inspections from sophisticated FPS players. I'll likely spend a lot of my time in Portal, though, where weird balance issues are the whole idea, so maybe the bugs will just blend in?"

Phil Hornshaw - 8 (in progress) - GameSpot

"What's really impressive in Battlefield 2042 is the variety that's on offer. It lets you play a bunch of different kinds of FPS experiences--in different game modes, in different Portal rule sets, and even in the same match as you switch between characters. Portal lets you relive the Battlefield games of the past, but on the 2042 side, DICE has cherry-picked from popular trends like hero shooters and battle royales. The best part is that, mostly, it has done a really effective job of curating those additions so that they bring more to what players already like about Battlefield, rather than change what already works."

While early Battlefield 2042 impressions highlight some of its flaws, it's generally agreed that the game does show promise, which could mean that its live-service evolution may one day make it one of the strongest games in the series to date. One aspect of Battlefield 2042 that critics seem to be in agreement with is Battlefield Portal, which has received high praise across the board. Portal already sounds like a solid and enjoyable mode with lots to offer its users, and when expanded over time, could become the major selling point of Battlefield 2042.

Players don't have long to wait to try out the latest DICE shooter for themselves, with the game coming in just a matter of days. Players on PC and new-gen consoles will be able to make the most of Battlefield 2042's full-scale battles with 128 players, with previous-gen console gamers limited to 64. Xbox users still undecided about adding the game to their library can enjoy a gameplay trial, available with EA Play, Xbox Game Pass, and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. The trial will allow for up to 10 hours of Battlefield 2042 gameplay as part of the subscription cost.

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