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Battlefield 2042 has just recently launched into early access, with its full release coming November 19, and there is already a handful of known issues and bugs that need ironing out. The game has fully embraced a live service model, promising to bring seasonal content, so ongoing support was already expected. The developers at DICE are already aware of some of the issues as well, either from early reporting or internal testing, and are already working to fix some of the bugs.

Battlefield 2042 is available on a myriad of platforms - PC, Xbox One, Series S, and X, and PlayStation 4 and 5 - and most of the issues are being experienced across the board. There are, however, a few bugs that might affect only a single platform. There may be a day one patch that addresses some of the known issues, but many will persist after November 19, such as there is no voice chat in Battlefield 2042 at launch, which appears to be a feature knowingly delayed by DICE. Any longtime fans of the series won't be surprised at this, since rocky launch periods are something of a tradition for Battlefield games at this point.

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So far, there don't appear to be any game-breaking bugs in EA's list of known issues. The issues closest to qualifying as game-breaking may adversely affect those who are photosensitive. For instance, when playing on PS5, being inside the destroyed Weather Station on the Manifest map can cause the map's lighting to flicker erratically. Flickering was a common issue in Battlefield 2042's beta as well. Most of the others appear to be run-of-the-mill and will conceivably be resolved in the coming weeks, though more are likely to pop up as well. The following lists will contain all the known issues for Battlefield 2042, and attempt to avoid critique of the game's design. Some may blur the lines, though, as issues such as 2042 having no scoreboard seem like more of an oversight than anything.

  • All platforms - There are widespread issues of players getting stuck on all manner of world geometry on every map.


  • All platforms - Large silos on the map being destroyed is causing server issues, commonly resulting in rubber banding.
  • All platforms - While playing Breakthrough, the B1 objective becomes unavailable as a spawn location when it is being contested by the enemy team.


  • PC, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5 - Visual flickering has been known to occur in rare instances.


  • All platforms - If a player joins late in the round, the destruction state of the map's bridges may not be correctly synchronized.
  • All platforms - While playing Breakthrough, the B1 objective becomes unavailable as a spawn location when it is being contested by the enemy team.

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  • PlayStation 5 - Entering the map's Weather Station building, when destroyed, has a rare chance to cause the lighting to severely flicker, which may cause a reaction in those with photosensitive conditions.
  • All platforms - Hovercraft appear to traverse on whatever is below them, making it possible to scale walls with one.
  • All platforms - It rarely may not be possible to aim weapons vertically when entering a vehicle.
  • All platforms - Feedback through controller vibration is not working properly with some vehicles.
  • All platforms - Rockets fired from the MD540 Nightbird may not disappear after impact, appearing frozen on the ground.
  • All platforms - Some vehicles do not have Ray-Traced Ambient Occlusion in Battlefield 2042.
  • All platforms - Dozer's SOB-8 Ballistic Shield has been temporarily disabled by the developers due to a major bug.
  • All platforms - EMP Mines are incorrectly labeled and will be renamed to EMP Grenades.
  • All platforms - The OV-P Recon Drone cannot be deployed while prone.
  • PC - The OV-P Recon Drone is unable to lock on to enemy targets and vehicles.
  • All platforms - The XDR Holo Sight is causing some issues with flickering.
  • All platforms - Parachutes may not disappear after landing. This is expected to be fixed in an upcoming patch.

Hazard Zone

  • All platforms - When entering a second match, unlocks from the previous one will be displayed during the intro sequence.
  • PC - Mouse inputs may not be responsive when trying to select a Specialist.
  • All platforms - Downed teammates are unable to be revived inside the MV38-Condor at the extraction zone.
  • All platforms - A player's extraction streak may not update properly.


  • All platforms - Server queues are not working properly for highly populated Battlefield Portal game modes, resulting in infinite queue times. The only known fix is to restart the game client.
  • All platforms - Load-outs may not save upon entering or leaving a match.
  • All platforms - Weapon skins are inadvertently being applied to equipped weapon charms as well.
  • Battlefield Builder web client - An "unable to create" error message is being displayed incorrectly. Refreshing the page should resolve the issue.


  • All platforms - The sound effect which signals an enemy is locked onto a helicopter can continue even after the helicopter has been destroyed.


  • All platforms - There are a few situations where Bots are unable to revive their downed teammates.
  • All platforms - Ranger (the robot dog in Battlefield 2042) is having difficulty traversing over certain objects when ordered.
  • All platforms - If a player becomes too far away from their Ranger, the robot will not properly respond to "Go To" commands.

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  • All platforms - The player rank displayed on the main menu may not be accurate.
  • All platforms - Unlocked weapon skins may still show a progress bar. The only known fix is to restart the game client.
  • All platforms - All locked character, weapon, and vehicle skins are missing their Mastery Rank target.
  • All platforms - The unlock requirements for the "Fly Not Ye Cowards" Playercard Art is incorrect. The actual objective is to visit two locations on El Alamein in a single life.
  • All platforms - The Mastery bar won't show for hardware items until T5 is unlocked.
  • PlayStation 5 - The Med-Pen Mastery Badge is not currently tracking progress after Rank 25.
  • PlayStation 5 - The Captain Caspian Playercard Background is failing to unlock upon the completion of the relevant objective.

User Interface

  • All platforms - There is no way to access a match-wide scoreboard. This is accompanied by no scoring system, with XP being shown upon kill/assist/revive/etc. instead.
  • All platforms - Attempting to spawn on a squad mate will not provide a view of their current situation. This may not be a bug, but was simply removed for 2042, despite it being a longstanding feature in the series.
  • All platforms - The game will not provide an error message to notify the player that it is still installing.
  • All platforms - Subtitles do not display in video tutorials even with the relevant setting turned on.
  • All platforms - Textures on Specialist character models may load slowly when returning to the main menu.
  • All platforms - The "Vertical Sync" option doesn't work as intended when used on a 144hz monitor.
  • Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5 - Using the "Search EA ID" function won't allow for the option to "View Profile" when selecting players on the same platform.
  • All platforms - The cross play friends list may not appear for those that have Battlefield 2042 on multiple platforms.
  • All platforms - When killed, the player card of the enemy responsible may not be displayed.
  • All platforms - Hint text for the Sprint/Boost mechanics are misleading.

If bugs have been found in Battlefield 2042 that are not listed above, they should be forwarded to EA in its Bug Reports section.

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Source: EA (Bug Reports)

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