Batman Just Risked Killing His Family With the Ultimate Loyalty Test

Warning! Spoilers for DC vs. Vampires #2 by DC Comics

In a DC Comics world that's beginning to be overrun by vampires, Batman just secretly gave his entire Bat-Family the ultimate loyalty test. In DC vs. Vampires #2 by DC Comics, the Dark Knight couldn't chance one of his closest allies was a vampire, so he spiked each of their drinks with holy water. Thankfully for Bruce Wayne, his entire team passed - even if they weren't happy with the test.

In the DC vs. Vampires limited series at DC Comics, Hal Jordan has secretly been turned into a vampire and has slowly picked off members of the Justice League. Among his first victims was Zan of the Wonder Twins, who Hal brutally killed with one of his constructs. The vampires also managed to take down the Legion of Doom, adding a powerful cavalcade of villains to their roster. However, before being killed by the supernatural Green Lantern, Andrew Bennett managed to send off a warning to Batman. Now, it's up to the Caped Crusader to stop the growing vampire army before the DC Universe is turned entirely undead.

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In DC vs. Vampires #2 by James Tynion IV, Matthew Rosenberg, Otto Schmidt, and Tom Napolitano, Batman gathers the Bat-Family at Wayne Manor. He informs his proteges about being given a vile of Lex Luthor's blood by Andrew Bennett and his warning about a vampire army preparing to wage war. After planning for who the vampires might tactically attack, Tim Drake asks how Batman could trust even them. That's when Barbara Gordon and Damian Wayne realize the hot drinks Alfred handed out to them were spiked. Batman informs the team he put holy water in each of their glasses to ensure none of the Bat-Family were secretly vampires.

Batman is always thinking two steps ahead, as the holy water and meeting place in the Wayne Manor's sunroom gave him a chance to see if any of the Bat-Family were vampires. It's not the last test Batman issues for the Bat-Family, as he makes each member hold a cross before showing them his impressive array of vampire-killing weapons.

Thankfully for Batman, none of the Bat-Family were secretly vampires. The tests might have frustrated the team, but surely each hero surely understands how important it is to make sure there's not a traitor in their midst. So, while secretly giving them holy water without their consent was a bit of a jerk move, Batman did it for the right reasons. Now, the Bat-Family can fight together to save the DC Universe from the most dangerous vampires on Earth. DC vs. Vampires #2 is in comic book stores now.

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