Bachelorette: Katie Thurston Wanted To 'Bail' On Comedy Tour

Katie Thurston, the former lead of The Bachelorette, wanted to “bail” on Whitney Cummings’ Touch Me Tour amid her breakup with Blake Moynes. The 30-year-old made her debut on Matt James’ season of The Bachelor, where she introduced the world to her vibrator during her first meeting with Matt. Some of the other contestants didn’t like Katie, who had no problem speaking her mind and standing up to bullying behavior among the cast. After a wave of new women were introduced to Matt mid-season, many of the original contestants were unhappy with the situation and took it out on the newbies. Katie was often the one to step up and defend contestants who were getting picked on.

Whitney, a comedian and actress, recently announced Katie would open for her new comedy show. After the announcement, Katie’s fiancé Blake Moynes expressed his support and encouragement. Not long after the performance, however, the pair decided to end their engagement, shocking fans of the franchise. Katie expressed she and Blake no longer felt they were right for each other as partners. Many viewers felt bad for Katie, but also pointed out she and Blake were living in different countries (Blake is in Ontario, Canada).

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Katie took to Instagram to explain her thoughts about opening for Whitney amid the breakup. She said she was scared before taking the stage and she “wanted to bail so many times.” She ultimately decided, however, that she “wasn’t going to let fear win.” Katie then expressed, “You see, growth happens in discomfort. So life can keep throwing whatever it wants at me. I’m gonna pick up that mic and own my mother f****** stage!”

In her act, according to a source who spoke with The Sun, Katie shared some personal details about her life. She is known as a sex-positive person, and she discussed many aspects of sex and masturbation. Her vulnerability was refreshing on the ABC show, which likes to showcase funny people in interesting situations. In one of the episodes, the guys were asked to perform on stage for her, expressing how they might be intimate with Katie one day. Although Katie is new at stand-up comedy, she certainly is funny enough to become a full-time comedian. Many of her fans are cheering her on and hope that she continues to make shows.

Some viewers find Katie not only hilarious but also inspirational. It was because of Katie’s boldness and strength that the franchise decided to make her The Bachelorette. During the first few episodes, Katie made a point of telling the guys that she valued authenticity, and wanted to see that on the dates. She was upfront with any men who were on the show for the wrong reasons, and she kicked off people who she suspected were being false. Both on and off the stage, Katie seems to share her truth, however uncomfortable.

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The Bachelorette airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

Sources: Katie Thurston/Instagram, The Sun

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