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Armor Wars needs to feature the return of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's new Falcon, Joaquín Torres, from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Marvel Studios' expansion to the small screen through Disney+ created the opportunity for supporting characters from the MCU to get the spotlight. Characters like Scarlet Witch and Sam Wilson have benefitted from this strategy so far, and James Rhodes is set to be another beneficiary. After multiple small roles in the MCU, Don Cheadle will star in the Armor Wars Disney+ series.

Originally conceived as a Tony Stark-led story in the comics, Armor Wars is the MCU's chance to put a new spin on the story. Since Iron Man died in Avengers: Endgame, it will be Rhodey who takes the central role. The original Armor Wars story saw some of Tony's technology fall into the wrong hands and him searching for everyone who was using parts of his tech. This led him to encounter various Marvel characters and confront his legacy. Armor Wars is expected to deal with a similar concept but with Rhodey protecting Stark's legacy and technology. This should allow Marvel Studios to use several already established MCU characters, such as Justin Hammer, but the new Falcon also needs to appear.

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Sam Wilson ascending to become Captain America by the end of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier allowed the MCU to set up the next Falcon in Joaquín Torres. Danny Rameriz played the character in multiple episodes of the Disney+ show, where he showed the making of being a hero. This is why Sam gave Torres his Falcon wings once they were broken during a fight. Torres didn't suit up as Falcon by the end of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, but he was last shown repairing the wings so he could use them again. While the original Falcon suit was a piece of military gear, the Torres' Falcon suit is enhanced by Stark technology due to Sam's time with the Avengers. If Rhodey spends most of his time in Armor Wars searching for other people using Stark's tech, that has to lead to a meeting with the MCU's new Falcon.

If Torres is in Armor Wars, it allows Rhodey to approve the MCU's newest hero. Sam Wilson already seemingly approved Torres becoming the next Falcon by leaving the wings with him, but Rhodey can also give his blessing for Torres to keep using some of Stark's technology. Armor Wars will likely see Rhodey confront multiple individuals who aren't using the technology correctly, which could harm Tony's legacy. Rhodey seeing firsthand that Torres is using the Falcon wings for the right reason would go a long way in his peace of mind. Plus, it could allow Armor Wars to be where Torres suits up as Falcon for the first time before an expected appearance in Captain America 4.

There's also an added connection between Torres and Rhodey that would make his return in Armor Wars make even more sense. Torres is a member of the US Air Force, just like Rhodey. A military past was already a bond shared between Sam and Rhodey, so it can also be the foundation of Torres and Rhodey's relationship. This connection might even make it easier for Rhodey to get in contact with Torres or feel more comfortable with him using the Falcon wings in Armor Wars.

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