Add ‘Yacht Goth’ to Your Rock Encyclopedia

Dave Navarro and Taylor Hawkins.
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Michael McDonald and Christopher Cross walked on water so Taylor Hawkins and Dave Navarro could hoist their jibs. In an interview with Rolling Stone about their new supergroup, NHC, the duo — of Foo Fighters and Jane’s Addiction fame, respectively — coined a spectacular term for the sound they were able to cultivate in the studio alongside fellow musician Chris Chaney. “We had a joke when we made this record,” Hawkins explained. “We called it yacht goth.” Yes, please go on; tell us more about our new favorite subgenre. “We love the Gerry Raffertys and we love the Steely Dans,” Navarro continued. “But we added in a little touch of the goth and a touch of the heaviness.” Rolling Stone reports that NHC is influenced by the Police, Pink Floyd, and a certain holy triumvirate from Canada. They also plan to release an album and embark on a tour next year. “There’s always a little Rush,” Hawkins added. “That’s just to make sure the chicks love us … I kind of imagine our live show being somewhere between Rush and the Faces. I want there to be a looseness, a party vibe.” In the spirit, we’ll christen their boat with a broken Champagne bottle, eyeliner, and pills we found in our pocket.

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