90 Day Fiancé: Natalie's Blind Date Johnny Reveals He's Attracted To Her

90 Day Fiancé viewers finally met Natalie Mordovtseva’s new man Johnny she went on a blind date with on 90 Day: The Single Life. After Natalie and Mike separated on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, the couple decided to stay married and date other people. While Natalie moved to Florida, Mike appeared to have found a new girlfriend in Marcia Brazil. But having had three alleged ex-husbands so far, Natalie is being very serious while choosing the men she’s meeting. After all, Natalie wants a man who can give her a baby. But does Johnny fit the bill?

As Natalie keeps dodging proposals from 90 Day Fiancé fans on Instagram, she’s come clean about how she’s now looking for a husband and not a boyfriend. She expects her man to be able to hold a "captivating conversation” and someone who’ll be under Natalie’s control, unlike her ex, Mike. However, fans have noticed how frenzied Natalie looks on 90 Day: The Single Life and is also speaking with an over-the-top Ukrainian accent, which was missing when she was with Mike.

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As it turns out, Natalie’s date Johnny also observes that she is on edge but does everything he can to make her comfortable because he finds her “beautiful” and he’s “very attracted to her.” A preview clip from 90 Day: The Single Life episode 2, posted by People, has Natalie revealing that she’s going on her very first blind date and is nervous about it. However, Natalie gets annoyed when she sees Johnny sipping on a Red Bull and vodka cocktail. Former actress and model Natalie declares that Johnny looks better than his pictures, and adds, “But when I enter [the] restaurant, he had a drink. Now that’s not nice.” During his confessional, though, Johnny claims that he’s great with women and because Natalie “is gorgeous and Ukrainian,” he wants to impress her.

Meanwhile, Natalie claims that she doesn’t want to have dates with “guys who [are] obsessed with drinks” because she considers them as “a potential father” of her kids. When asked to choose between vodka, tequila or water, Natalie makes the obvious choice before telling Johnny that she’s “not a party girl” who isn’t looking “for a party guy” because she thinks they wouldn’t match. Even though it’s her first-ever date with Johnny, Natalie tells him she wants to be a mother and have a child. She believes that if she keeps drinking water, her “child is going to be healthy” and apologizes to Johnny. Somehow, Natalie doesn’t scare Johnny away as he quickly leaves his drink back at the bar to impress Natalie. Seeing Johnny taking efforts to please her, Natalie admits that what Johnny did makes her feel good.

According to Natalie, Mike never chose her over alcohol, as seen on 90 Day Fiancé. During their relationship, Mike and Natalie had several arguments over drinking, including the ones where she called him “low class,” judged his IQ and claimed she was better looking than him. But Mike always pushed Natalie into drinking instead of stopping himself. Regardless, with Natalie’s opinion of Johnny changing, it’s possible her first blind date is also her final one. But Natalie also asked Johnny, “Do you believe in God?” at the end of the video, which could hamper the chances of him becoming her husband.

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