90 Day Fiancé: Ariela Weinberg Spills Why She Got Botox In Her Face

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way star Ariela Weinberg comes clean about why she got Botox injections in a new Halloween-themed update. The Ariela of TOW season 3 has had a major makeover compared to her look in season 2 when she debuted with Biniyam Shibre. Apart from the weight loss after having baby Aviel, Ari’s style has also undergone an upgrade. However, 90 Day Fiancé fans have also noticed Ariela’s face looks very different in segments filmed during her American visit for Avi’s hernia surgery.

While Ariela was given the villain spot during most of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way season 3, she is now getting sympathy because of how Biniyam is acting. Avi and Ariela going to the U.S. triggered negative memories for Biniyam because of his ex-wife Bria doing the same thing and never returning. But after Ariela arrived in New Jersey, Biniyam turned over a new leaf. A visibly hurt Ariela revealed Biniyam started ghosting her and also put his phone on airplane mode. However, Biniyam’s attitude hasn't stopped Ariela from focusing on herself.

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In a series of Instagram posts late last month, Ariela was focused on Halloween prep. She posted photos of herself in three costumes: a schoolgirl, a ninja, and a paratrooper. Ari asked her 90 Day Fiancé followers to help her pick one. It seems Ariela made her choice and picked the school uniform. In her caption, Ariela wrote, “Happy Halloween Week!” and thanked her aesthetician for making her love her lips. “She also helped me to stop grinding my teeth using botox in my masseter muscles,” said Ariela, while explaining where on her face she got the injections. “If you grind or clench, I highly recommend it!” she added.

While Ariela redirected her followers to her aesthetician’s page for more information, she also disabled the comments on her own post. In the past, Ariela has denied getting any kind of plastic surgery and noted that the significant changes in her face are due to Botox and fillers. Ariela got the injections in her jaw to get relief from her TMJ disorder. As Ariela mentioned that she also got the procedures done around her eyes and in her lips, she claimed that it helped fix her uneven smile that had bothered her for a very long time. Ariela had referred to her teeth grinding habit as a never-ending nightmare.

Her lip fillers also created an even smile that matched Ariela’s large teeth. The fillers in her face helped Ariela deal with the volume loss she had due to her transformation after having her baby. The newly confident Ariela had promised her fans she would be transparent about her treatments and that they would still be able to recognize her despite the changes. Ariela has been suffering due to TMJ since her high school years, and it’s only now that she’s able to smile freely and not be self-conscious about it. With Ariela’s transformation secret finally revealed, the only thing 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way viewers want to know is if she’s still together with Biniyam after the show.

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