1000-Lb. Sisters: Why Fans Want Tammy Slaton To Stop Being Dependent

Throughout their run on 1000-lb Sisters, Amy and Tammy Slaton proved they have one of the most complex sisterly bonds in reality television, and fans are calling the siblings out for being too dependent. Specifically, viewers think Tammy relies on Amy too heavily and is doing wrong by herself for not taking accountability for her actions. From her habit of deflecting responsibility onto Amy to accusations of enabling, here's why the 1000-lb Sisters fanbase thinks Tammy needs to create some boundaries between Amy and herself.

The beginning of 1000-lb Sisters season 3 represents new hope for the Slaton sisters. Although Amy's made monumental progress throughout seasons 1 and 2 in the form of her weight loss and baby boy, Gage, viewers are frustrated with the repetitive aspects of the siblings' series. While Amy was making strides, Tammy's endured a futile experience starring in 1000-lb Sisters. Tammy's struggled to keep her weight loss journey on track as she isn't known for sticking to the diet her doctors recommend. Tammy indicated season 3 could be a clean slate for the reality star when she kicked it off at a rehab facility, but viewers were swiftly let down when Tammy decided to leave the care center before meeting her 100-pound weight loss ambition.

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Regrettably, Tammy's unwillingness to commit to her weight loss plans isn't the only familiar facet of 1000-lb Sisters fans have grown tired of. Primarily, fans are frustrated with Tammy and Amy's toxic and co-dependent relationship. Amy and Tammy have relied on each other since they grew up together in a house without a parent's supervision, but the close sisterly bond has turned into a contentious relationship between the siblings in recent years. As Tammy's failed to achieve her weight loss goals time and time again, she's developed the habit of taking her frustration out on her sister. Viewers are frustrated with Amy allowing Tammy to put her down, and in the comments section of Amy's recent Instagram post, fans didn't hold back. One of Amy's followers wrote, "[It] makes me so angry how Tammy treats you! You are legit doing everything for her and she talks down to you."

Although Amy's post was about 1000-lb Sisters getting featured in a major magazine, the reality star's fans could only focus on the toxicity present in her relationship with Tammy. One fan commented, "Tammy needs to take accountability for herself... If she doesn't want to help herself why does everyone have to put [their] lives on hold for her." Amy also received unsolicited advice from her thousands of followers who believe creating space between the Slaton sisters is in Tammy's best interest. A viewer explained that rehab worked for Tammy because "They made her stand and walk. She needs that. She missed being enabled and left." This theory asserts the Slaton siblings' dependent relationship is hazardous to Tammy's health as it hinders her from moving progress in her necessary weight loss journey. Another follower dutifully advised, "Amy, stand strong and make her keep trying to do things for herself!"

Amy and Tammy's tight bond is a strength of their imperfect relationship, but 1000-lb Sisters fans agree the siblings need space for the sake of Tammy's health. From treating Amy poorly to refusing to make headway in her weight loss venture, Tammy's dependency on her younger sister is only hurting the siblings in the long run. Surely, the impending feud between the pair in 1000-lb Sisters season 3 will force Tammy to be more independent.

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