1000-Lb Sisters: Why Amy & Tammy Deserve Nothing But Compassion

Amy and Tammy Slaton have made some controversial decisions on and off of 1000-lb Sisters, but the duo of reality stars deserve nothing less than compassion from the series' audience. Amy and Tammy have given viewers some reasons to criticize them, but most of the hate these sisters endure is unwarranted and cruel. From online trolls picking the television personalities apart to the Slaton sisters' vulnerable storytelling, this is why Amy and Tammy are entitled to nothing but fans' empathy.

Although Amy and Tammy have accrued a loyal fanbase over the course of their few years on television, the pair hasn't always had a great rapport with their viewers. Before the Slaton sisters were granted their own reality show, Amy and Tammy were creators on YouTube. While this was a pivotal first step for the siblings, it also introduced them to the world of online trolls. Amy and Tammy had to cope with haters that criticized everything about them from their diets to their makeup videos. The Slaton sisters have explained that it can be difficult to ignore trolls and have pleaded with their viewers to be kinder. Now that Amy and Tammy have expanded their viewership through 1000-lb Sisters, the reality stars have garnered more support and judgment.

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In addition to the trolls that have senselessly slandered Amy and Tammy for years, members of 1000-lb Sisters' audience have also made their grievances with the Slaton sisters known. Skeptical viewers argue that neither Amy nor Tammy should be supported by fans because they've committed unjustifiable wrongdoings one and off of their reality series. Viewers criticize Amy for the controversies she's been involved in like when she prematurely asked fans to donate to Tammy's funeral fund. Tammy is more prone to getting slammed by audience members as her uneven temper has framed her as the villain of 1000-lb Sisters. Regardless of Amy's past mistakes and Tammy's unpredictable behavior on reality TV, both of the Slaton siblings are still owed nothing but kindness. Amy and Tammy deserve better than the hate they endure from their cynics because the television personalities are bravely sharing their rarely-told stories with the world.

Amy and Tammy don't have an easy task to accomplish in 1000-lb Sisters. To be successful in their weight loss ambitions, Amy and Tammy have to combat their food addictions and stick to rigorous exercise regimens. What's made these weight loss journeys even more difficult for the Slaton sisters is they have the whole world watching their progress and adding their two cents. There are very few shows that demonstrate what it's like for overweight women to live their authentic lives, and the pair of sisters were well aware that trolls are drawn to criticizing them. Despite the intimidating prospect of facing judgment for everything aired on 1000-lb Sisters, Amy and Tammy continue to return to the show and tell their extraordinary stories. By creating more representation for women like themselves on TV, Amy and Tammy are contributing to making the world a more understanding place.

Like any human, Amy and Tammy aren't perfect. The pair of reality stars have asked too much of their followers and have lashed out at their siblings for no reason. By starring on 1000-lb Sisters, however, Amy and Tammy make up for their wrongdoings as they are brave enough to share their untold stories. Amy and Tammy deserve better from viewers as they make reality television a more diverse and heartwarming genre.

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