10 Ways April & Andy Are The Most Relatable Couple From Parks & Recreation

Along with all of the laughs, Parks and Recreation provided fans with some heartwarming romances. Among the best relationships on the show was the one between April and Andy. This adorable and hilarious couple was endlessly entertaining to watch while also being incredibly sweet in their own weird ways.

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While both of these characters are outrageous, their relationship together could be quite relatable at times. Through their best moments together and their various struggles, April and Andy made for an authentic and loving couple that fans could connect to.

10 They Fell For Each Other Gradually

Love at first sight may very well be a thing that certain people experience, but it is not as common as the movies make it out to be. It is much more likely that a couple will gradually fall for each other over time rather than immediately when they meet.

Such was the case for Andy and April who barely even acknowledged each other early in the show. They seemed to have very little in common and were both in separate relationships. But as they spent more time together, a romantic bond eventually grew between them.

9 There Are Moments Of Jealousy

Trust is a very important thing in a relationship, but it is not always as easy as it seems. Jealousy can sometimes creep into someone's mind, even if it is completely unfounded and irrational. These jealous feelings can be hard to overcome even for people that care a lot about each other.

This was an early hurdle for April and Andy to get over in their relationship. Though Andy insisted he wanted to date April, she was worried he still had feelings for his ex-girlfriend Ann which delayed their romance from happening.

8 They Are Very Different In Many Ways

It is a bit of a cliché to say that opposites attract, but there is truth to it as well. Though commonalities are important in relationships, there are people who can be quite different who still find a connection against all odds. And it's clear Andy and April have very different traits.

April was a cynical and dark-humored young woman who seemed to pride herself in hating everything. Andy, on the other hand, had the enthusiasm and curiosity of a child. Despite these two personalities seeming to clash, they ended up being completely compatible.

7 They Deal With Insecurity

As people who have been in serious relationships know, it can be intimidating for someone to put their heart on the line. In some cases, it can lead to someone getting very insecure about the relationship.

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As their relationship got more serious, April was the first to say, "I love you" and Andy's silly response was not what she had been hoping for. Despite the fact that Andy did indeed love April as well, she was briefly filled with a sense of having that feeling unrequited which was not easy for her to take.

6 They Dealt With Long Distance

Most real-life couples will know that just being together is not always easy to maintain. As there are various life decisions and opportunities to consider, a period of long-distance is something that many couples have to deal with at some point in their relationship.

This came later in April and Andy's relationship, after they had already been married, when Andy was offered a temporary job in England. It happened again when April joined Ben in Washington for a campaign. The show depicted the struggle of this arrangement while also showing that it is something that can be overcome.

5 The Are Spontaneous About Big Decisions

While some couples plan out the big events in their lives, that isn't always the philosophy that is adopted in all relationships. Some couples prefer to have more spontaneity in their decisions – even the life-changing ones like getting married.

When all of Andy and April's friends were invited over for a dinner party, they surprised everyone by announcing that it was actually their wedding. Though the decision seemed quite reckless for the young couple, it also fits into their lifestyle of not overthinking things.

4 They Help Each Other Find Their Own Path

Many people struggle with their own career direction, often starting one path only to realize that it is not the right one for them. For those in loving and supportive relationships, it is great to have a partner who is able to provide guidance when the right decision is not easy to see.

Both Andy and April experienced moments of being unhappy with their careers as well as questionable work decisions. In both cases, they felt there was no career that would bring them joy and it was their partners who helped them see their passions.

3 They Struggle With Adulthood

Getting married and starting a life with someone is something that is seen as a very adult move. However, many people who have done this understand that is not necessarily the case. There is still a lot of growing up to do, especially in terms of finances.

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April and Andy certainly had an immature outlook on how to be adults. When sent shopping for the house by Ben, they ended up getting useless things like a marshmallow gun. While that might be a bit of an exaggeration, many younger couples can relate to impulsive spending.

2 They Are Willing To Make Sacrifices For Each Other

Parks and Rec was a show filled with happy endings and heartwarming moments, but that doesn't mean everything was perfect. When April started her dream career, it meant that Andy had to say goodbye to his.

There are a lot of loving and happy couples who have had to face compromises like this. Often it is not one person being forced to do something by the other, but rather a sacrifice someone is willing to make for their loved one.

1 They Share Each Other's Weirdness

Everyone has their own bizarre quirks that might make them seem weird to others. But having a loving partner means having someone with who a person can be comfortably weird.

This was the kind of dynamic that April and Andy shared as a couple. They would embrace each other's most outrageous behavior and even encourage it. From adopting elaborate characters to role play as to switching clothes with each other just for the fun of it, they always knew how to have fun together.

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