10 Best RuPaul's Drag Race Makeover Challenge Transformations

The makeover challenge is so crucial that it often makes or breaks a queen's chances to be in the finale. While for some this challenge proves to be their demise, others rise to the occasion. The makeover challenge is an established and hallowed tradition in RuPaul's Drag Race as it has been part of the show since the very beginning.

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The types of makeovers have ranged widely over the seasons, making each time a new and interesting viewing. Some makeover challenges are more basic and to the point while others are more conceptual and elaborate. Whatever the case, the makeover challenges have left some incredible looks that have secured wins for the drag queen contestants and even changed the lives of some of the people who were made over.

10 Tatianna And Annalisha - Golden Gals Makeover Challenge (Season 2)

In season 2's makeover challenge, the contestants were tasked with transforming elderly gay men into drag mothers. Tatianna did a killer job of establishing a drag family resemblance between them and Annalisha. Likewise, Annalisha looks absolutely stunning as she cruises down the catwalk in her makeover duds. Tatianna made Annalisha's makeover age-appropriate but also made sure Annalisha was polished and alluring. Using leopard print as a consistent element in both designs, the looks appear cohesive and well thought out.

9 Manila Luzon And Fuschia Luzon - Jocks And Frocks (Season 3)

The Jocks and Frocks makeover challenge in season 3 of RuPaul's Drag Race saw the queens makeover masculine, straight jocks into their drag sisters. Manila and their partner Fuschia had a fun and chic concept for their makeover. Manila used China dolls as the inspiration for the makeover challenge with elaborate black-and-red fans as props.

The unique approach to the makeover cinched the win for Manila. Also, Manila made sure their partner was perfectly polished down the runway with not a hair out of place. In competition with fellow fashion queen and Drag Race runway stunner Raja, the makeover challenge saw Manila edge out her competitor momentarily and secure a well-earned victory.

8 Sasha And Dunatella Velour - Crew Better Work (Season 9)

For season 9's makeover challenge, the frontrunners were called to give drag makeovers to a crew member of the show. Sasha and their partner's look proved to have just the right balance of camp and high fashion. The intelligent use of the same ornate fabric for the two looks added cohesion to the makeover.

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In addition, the look was fun and colorful but not over the top or too busy. Both looks were similar in style and tone, conveying high fashion and sophisticated glamour with their silk dresses and tiny pillbox hats. Sasha was always a highlight on the runway and this makeover challenge was no different.

7 Katya And Svetlana Borisnova - Drag My Family (All Stars 2)

A funny and clever look is to be expected by spitfire Katya, one of the funniest RuPaul's Drag Race queens ever. In Katya's extremely successful All Stars 2 run, they along with the other queens were tasked with making over family members. In Katya's case, it was their mom, who seemed the complete opposite of their offspring with her shy demeanor.

Using Katya's Russian character as inspiration, Katya made them and their partner look straight out of the '70s Soviet Union. Katya's groovy bowl cut mixed with the design of their dress along with Katya's mom's babooshka look was an insanely smart take on a RuPaul's Drag Race makeover. Both created distinct characters with their makeovers, which helped Katya land in the top 2 and make it all the way to the finale.

6 Miz Cracker And Miz Cookie - Social Media Kings Into Queens (Season 10)

In season 10's Social Media Kings Into Queens makeover challenge, the objective was to give a drag family resemblance makeover to male social media influencers. Miz Cracker was paired with YouTuber Chester See, who had never done drag before but was game for anything his experienced partner wanted to do.

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A complete transformation, Miz Cracker delivered a striking drag family resemblance that anyone could deduce that the two were drag family. On top of the irrefutable cohesiveness of the looks, Miz Cracker also helped craft a drag persona for Miz Cookie as the drag newcomer seemed at home on the runway.

5 Brooke Lynn Hytes And Plastique Tiara - Bring Back My Queens! (Season 11)

Brooke Lynn Hytes and Plastique Tiara embodied pageant glamour in this makeover challenge. In Bring Back My Queens!, the contestants needed to give a drag makeover to the previously eliminated contestants from the season. Brooke Lynn, who had emerged as one of the frontrunners of the season, was paired with the polished Plastique, who was eliminated despite winning a challenge in a prior episode.

As both Drag Race queens have a polished pageant background, Brooke Lynn made the smart decision to use pageant glamour as the inspiration for the makeover. As a result, both queens look stunning from head to toe.

4 Jaida And Jazz Essence Hall - Superfan Makeover (Season 12)

RuPaul's Drag Race season 12 winner Jaida Essence Hall is renowned for their impeccable makeup skills and dazzling looks. These qualities served her well when it came to the makeover challenge. In her season, the challenge wanted the competitors to give drag makeovers to superfans. Jaida transformed their superfan into a glamazon.

Even though the pair looked nothing alike, Jaida managed to pull off a drag family resemblance. Jaida's makeover of the superfan impressed the judges immensely and for good reason as both looked flawless and the superfan confessed to feeling strong and beautiful because of Jaida's makeover skills.

3 Pearl and Trixie Mattel - Conjoined Twins (Season 7)

In one of the most unique makeover challenges, the queens needed to become conjoined twins with an eliminated queen and give them a drag makeover. Close friends Pearl and Trixie were paired together and went on to win the challenge, bringing Trixie back into the competition.

Using a concept as the inspiration behind the look, Pearl came up with the storyline that Pearl was the popular beautiful twin and Trixie was the unpopular, dowdy sister (complete with mouthpiece) in a prom queen look. The creative ideas and the skilled execution were applauded by the judges and have made this makeover one of the best to come out of the series.

2 Naomi Smalls And Jazzy Jems-  Wizard Of Drag (Season 8)

In The Wizard of Drag challenge, contestants needed to give the Little Women L.A cast a drag makeover using the Wizard of Oz as a theme. Naomi Smalls and their partner Jazzy Jems used the Scarecrow character as their inspiration. In turn, Naomi created a high fashion look that had a noticeable parallel to their Wizard of Oz's Scarecrow character but in a subtle and polished manner. Also, Naomi's partner looked like her garment fit her like a glove and correlated with Naomi's couture ensemble.

1 Symone And Utica Queen - Freaky Friday Queens (Season 13)

In season 13, the remaining queens needed to pair up and makeover the contestant in their mirror image. Utica and Symone's drag personas and aesthetics could not be more different. However, opposites seemed to attract in this challenge where the team won.

Symone put Utica in a B.A.P.S-inspired outfit and taught Utica how to do the "Symone" walk with confidence. On the other hand, Utica made Symone a performance art piece in a kooky outfit and an interpretative dance type walk on the runway.

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