Zelda's Bolero of Fire Song Played On Real Ocarina At Active Volcano

A player of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time has wowed fans by performing the game's Bolero of Fire on a real ocarina while standing beside an active volcano in the Hawaiian Islands. The 1998 classic remains one of the highest-rated games of all time, not just for its incredible world design, dungeons, and story, but also for Ocarina of Time's unforgettable music.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time features a range of musical pieces played either with the Fairy Ocarina or the Ocarina of Time from which the game takes its name. While the Zelda games are often remembered for their inspiring, heroic scores, Ocarina of Time is one of the games in the series that doesn't just incorporate the sounds into the world, but also the gameplay. Throughout Ocarina of Time, Link can use the ocarina to warp through the lands of Hyrule, with players needing to spell out the notes of the song they want to use. This mechanic means many fans of the game still know the button requirements to this day, even over 20 years since Ocarina of Time first released.

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Redditor zaqwa has proven themselves to be one of the biggest Zelda: Ocarina of Time fans of all time after performing one of the game's most iconic songs at the KÄ«lauea shield volcano in Hawaii. The Zelda player used their own ocarina to pay homage to the moment Link first acquires the in-game song, with the dramatic volcanic background mimicking the flames of Death Mountain Crater. zaqwa said: "Seeing the lava in person was such an incredible experience!" adding that, despite the danger involved, they believed filming the video was "definitely risky, but worth the view!" zaqwa's hauntingly beautiful rendition of the tune has resonated with the Zelda subreddit, with the incredible video closing in on 6,000 upvotes at the time of writing.

Watch the video on Reddit here.

The fan video is one of the more memorable tributes to Zelda: Ocarina of Time's classic Death Mountain Crater musical moment. In the game, players are able to use their ocarina and the Bolero of Fire to warp from their current location to the inside of Death Mountain. The song is learned from Sheik amidst the blazing heat and molten fires sitting just outside of the Fire Temple. While Link needs the red tunic to keep from burning to a crisp in the scorching temperatures of the volcano, Redditor zaqwa seems to be surviving the heat with the help of just a red hooded jacket. While the video is an impressive one, in the interest of safety, future Zelda fans looking to show off their own ocarina skills would probably be better off staying away from active volcanos.

Zelda: Ocarina of Time fans are showing their appreciation for the classic game ahead of its availability on Nintendo Switch. While the game won't be getting a full remaster or re-release for the Switch, it will be available through the expanded Switch Online service, which will be adding Nintendo 64 games such as OoT later this month. Subscribers of the service will need to pay for a new tier to access the games, with exact prices and launch dates yet to be announced.

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