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DC's most iconic magic user Zatanna gets a stunning cosplay from cosplayer Sweet Calamity. The comic-accurate costume features Zatanna Zatara's trademark top hat, fishnets, and white corset as she graces the stage during one of her magical performances. With the Justice League Dark hero soon coming to the silver screen in a project from Emerald Fennel and J.J. Abrams, the cosplay shows what Zatanna could look like in live-action.

Zatanna has been a key fixture in DC Comics' most magical stories ever since she first appeared in Hawkman #4 back in 1964. Created by Gardner Fox and Murphy Anderson, the hero is the daughter of one of DC's oldest heroes, Zatara, who appeared in Action Comics #1 alongside Superman. Zatanna is both a magician on the stage and in real life. Zatanna is a master of magic, casting spells by speaking them backward. Over time, she's become a key member of Justice League Dark and has been a member of DC's main Justice League. In the comics, she's often romantically paired with John Constantine while additionally serving as one of Batman's most trusted confidants.

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On her Reddit account, cosplayer Sweet Calamity shared her fantastic recreation of Zatanna. Zatanna Zatara is at home on the stage as she tips her top hat while looking out to the audience in the image. The look recreates the hero's iconic costume, featuring details such as her white bow tie, gloves, and black jacket. However, taking the picture on the stage brings the hero to life, as Sweet Calamity stands out in front of the massive red curtains and shining lights.

Sweet Calamity shared a number more of the cosplays she's worn over recent months on her Instagram and Reddit pages. Among the looks include her take on the classic Lady Loki from the comics, the version of Black Widow from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as well as Ashe from Overwatch. On her accounts, Sweet Calamity also has more snapshots of her Zatanna cosplay as well.

While a feature film starring Zatanna is coming, the character hasn't been done much justice in live-action as she has in DC's comic books and several animated movies. However, Zatanna fans shouldn't have to wait much longer to see the character on the big (and little) screen. Hopefully, it's not too long before the hero debuts in the DCEUUntil then, enjoy Sweet Calamity's spot-on cosplay of Zatanna. 

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