You Season 3: Unanswered Questions, Plot Holes & Head-Scratchers

By dropping Joe and Love into suburban bliss, You season 3 introduces a minefield of unanswered questions, plot holes, and head-scratching moments for the series. Netflix's You season 3 offers a welcome change of scenery to the hectic landscapes Joe Goldberg ordinarily frequents, with the serial killer trading the bustling streets of New York and Los Angeles for the affluent Californian suburb of Madre Linda. The latest season of You proves ambitious in its attempt to diversify Joe and Love's portfolio of murders and tensions, albeit at times sacrificing plot coherence in place of thrilling drama.

You season 3 begins with Joe (Penn Badgley) falling back into familiar patterns, with his latest object of fixation coming in the form of lonely housewife Natalie Engler (Michaela McManus). However, Joe's new wife and mother of his child Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti), has begun to establish a familiar framework of her own, which quickly translates into murdering Natalie and any other rival that stands in the way of her husband's affections. Joe and Love prove together that the thin veneer of suburban security is little match for their compulsions, with You season 3 quickly devolving into a bloodbath of frayed emotions and deceit.

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Yet despite You season 3's undeniably gripping yarn, this latest chapter in Joe Goldberg's chequered life story at times comes at the price of cohesive storytelling. You's season 3 Netflix release is littered with threads that are not sewn up by its conclusion, leaving audiences to speculate on several continuity issues within the show. Here's every plot hole, headscratcher, and unanswered question from You season 3.

One of the most glaring plot holes threatening to dwarf You season 3 is the introduction of tech CEO Matthew Engler (Scott Speedman), who resolves to find his wife Natalie's real killer after detectives close the case on her disappearance. Matthew quickly utilizes his considerable resources to drum up access to every private camera in Madre Linda, allowing him to retrace his wife's last movements on the day of her demise. Yet despite unfettered access to surveillance on the entire town, Scott Speedman's Matthew is somehow unable to happen upon a single concrete piece of evidence linking Natalie's murder to Joe or Love despite the pair moving dead bodies, incapacitated neighbors, and bloody evidence often in broad daylight.

You season 3 also throws up a continuity issue regarding which cameras Matthew actually has access to. In episode 9, "Red Flag," Love disables her front door ringer camera, confirming that Matthew has illegally accessed private surveillance devices. However, if this is the case, Matthew should also have access to Joe and Love's private network nanny cam, which contains swathes of incriminating video, including hours of content displaying Sherry (Shalita Grant) and Cary Conway (Travis Van Winkle) trapped in the cage. This is even without mentioning the glaring plot hole of Matthew's wife's Tesla, whose X model is also ordinarily equipped with could-accessible, sentry-mode cameras that would have easily seen You's bizarrely likable Joe entering and exiting the vehicle.

One of the biggest charges leveled at You season 3 is the plot armor that Joe Goldberg continually seems to be wearing as he evades punishment time and time again. Joe stabbing Ryan Goodwin (Scott Michael Foster) to death outside of a busy gym after he noisily falls from the roof is galling enough. Still, the biggest suspension of disbelief comes in the penultimate scene of the season finale, "What Is Love." Joe seemingly lies prone on the floor after being injected with Aconite before he suddenly reacts at the last moment to stab Love with a lethal dose of the very same Wolfsbane agent. Joe's character reveals at the end of You season 3 that he "had a feeling" Love would try to kill him, and so he took a dose of Cary's well-documented adrenaline pills, which miraculously saves him from the Aconite's paralyzing effects. This is plot armor of the highest order for Joe, who is ultimately saved by nothing more than intuition when in reality, Love's clever planting of the Aconite would have been enough to ensure Joe's death.

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After Love knocks Gil Brigham (Mackenzie Astin) out with a rolling pin in a fit of rage, Joe and Love must ensure he cannot escape to incriminate them. At this point in the Netflix original release's series, Joe's methodology is tried and tested, so it is no surprise to see Gil in one of Joe's patented cells at the start of season 3, episode 4, "Hands Across Madre Linda." However, what is shocking is the speed at which Joe erects this new "proofing room" prison for Gil, with less than a day passing from Gil's incapacitation to him being locked in a perfectly crafted cage. The question of where Joe procured so much bulletproof glass in such a short space of time, never mind building a perfectly proportioned cage in the basement of A New Tart, is likely one that will never receive a concrete answer.

You season 3 ends with Joe sauntering down an unnamed rue as he looks for either Marienne (Tati Gabrielle) or, more likely, another woman to fixate upon. While this romantic idea of Joe following Marienne to Paris is teased several times throughout the third season of You, Joe even making it to France seems highly improbable. Love's fake confession and the subsequent falsified evidence would have led to an immediate search for Joe, as despite the letter's insistence he was forced to kill by Love, he is still a potentially vital accessory to murder.

After the number of people murdered, it is doubtful that Joe would not have been flagged as wanted in the immediate aftermath of the house fire, especially while police attempted to ascertain what actually happened to him. In the finale, the Dexter-esque killer Joe is also bleeding profusely from his severed toes, causing him to walk with a pronounced limp that would have drawn further attention to a man attempting to leave the country, especially as his face is confirmed to be all over social and news media following Love's fake murder-suicide.

Love Quinn's body count would have been considerably lower in You season 3 if some characters had acted appropriately when face to face with a suspected murderer. While Natalie could have done little to anticipate being hit in the back of the head with an ax, the most baffling example here is Theo Engler's (Dylan Arnold) choice to turn away from Love, pause, and sigh after he discovers she has Sherry and Cary locked in her bakery's basement. This inexplicable hesitation from Theo as he walks away from a woman he suspects of killing his stepmother earlier in You season 3 allows Love to hit him with a mixer - an event that never would have happened in You season 3 had he left the scene in a more realistic fashion.

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