Xbox Studio Buyouts Like Bethesda Aren't Done Yet, Says Phil Spencer

During a talk for WSJ Tech Live, Xbox boss Phil Spencer reiterated that Microsoft's interest in more studio acquisitions has yet to subside. Xbox Game Studios stable of first-party teams now includes nearly two dozen groups in total, the vast majority of which have been acquired within the last decade.

Microsoft's first major purchase occurred in 2014 upon its acquisition of Minecraft developer Mojang Studios. But the real buying spree didn't kick off until four years later, once Xbox purchased six different teams throughout 2018. Those companies included Compulsion Games, inXile Entertainment, Ninja Theory, Obsidian Entertainment, Playground Games, and State of Decay's Undead Labs. 2019 saw Microsoft bring Double Fine into the fold, a rather surprising move given the Psychonauts studio's long-held association with PlayStation. Earlier this year, Xbox Game Studios closed its biggest deal to date by acquiring ZeniMax Media for $7.5 billion. The buyout opened the door for all eight of the Bethesda Softworks-owned development houses, including Arkane Studios, Bethesda Game Studios, id Software, and MachineGames of Wolfenstein fame. Obviously, Xbox aims to further expand its impressive portfolio.

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During WSJ Tech Live, Phil Spencer addressed the possibility of Xbox purchasing more development teams. He didn't divulge much in the way of specifics, of course, but reiterated previous statements on the matter. According to The Verge's Tom Warren, the Head of Xbox noted, "we're definitely not done." Spencer added that it all depends on when the right company comes along and whether or not said company proves a "good fit" to the existing stable of Microsoft-owned studios. Warren shared the following quote from Phil Spencer's comments:

Naturally, this has led to fans on social media playing the guessing game, especially since rumors of other potential buyouts cropped up earlier in the year. The uncorroborated speculation suggested the likes of Avalanche (Just Cause), Crytek, and IO Interactive may all eventually be courted by Xbox Game Studios. However, neither of these companies nor Microsoft has publicly hinted at as much.

As Xbox continues to bolster its list of development teams, so, too, does Xbox Game Pass receive a boost, thanks to first-party game launching day and date on the subscription service. The next major first-party that title members have to look forward to is Halo: Infinite, which launches on December 8.

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Source: WSJ Tech Live via Tom Warren/Twitter

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