X-Men's Apocalypse Has Evolved In His Latest Takeover

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Marvel's Dark Ages #2

In the latest issue of Marvel Comics' Dark Ages, the X-Men's Apocalpyse has evolved, expanding his horizons after this alternate Marvel Universe lost all electricity and power. While Marvel's heroes have come together to maintain and protect humanity in this new world, En Sabah Nur has other plans, intending to wake the cosmic being who instigated Earth's reboot in the first place. However, in order to do that, Apocalypse has to look beyond his fellow mutants, seeking others who could help him in his mission.

In the first issue of Dark Ages from Tom Taylor and Iban Coello, the cosmic machine known as the Unmaker awoke after millions of years of being buried near the Earth's core by the Living Tribunal. Creating massive earthquakes and threatening to tear the world apart, a group of Marvel's heroes, including Doctor Stange, succeeded in shutting the machine down as the Sorcerer Supreme opened a portal that unleashed a powerful EMP. However, Strange was killed in the process before he could close the portal, resulting in the entire world being subjected to the EMP, causing all the lights to go out. However, Apocalypse's mind had touched the Unmaker's when it woke, and En Sabah Nur now wants its power for himself.

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Now, Dark Ages #2 sees Apocalypse amassing forces in this new post-apocalyptic world. While several heroes have come together to build safe haven cities and are discovering new ways to thrive without the power of electricity, Apocalypse has much darker plans. In this new issue, En Sabah Nur has Mystique disguise herself as Captain America to kidnap Tony Stark, taking him back to his base of operations in Europe. Once Stark is awake, Apocalpyse reveals that he's expanded and evolved his thinking, recognizing that even non-mutants are worth having around and preserving (so long as they're gifted).

Utilizing some of Marvel's brightest minds such as Riri Williams, Reed Richards' Mr. Fantastic, and now Iron Man, Apocalypse is hoping that they'll help him achieve his goal of waking the Unmaker. Furthermore, he's also using another non-mutant to force their compliance thanks to the powers of Kilgrave, aka the Purple Man. So one has to wonder if there are any other non-mutants that he's managed to turn to his side (the first issue did tease heroes such as Beast, Miles Morales, and She-Hulk). Additionally, it also looks as though he's formed an alliance with Dracula as well, who's been sending night hordes of vampires at the new world capital of Wakanda.

Apocalypse still has plenty of mutants serving him, like Mystique, who's seemingly working for him of her own free will. However, he also has Magneto imprisoned, taking advantage of his powers to create a massively strong Faraday cage to repel the EMP, granting En Sabah Nur with electric power he could use to potentially reactivate the Unmaker. As it stands, Apocalpyse poses the greatest threat to the new civilization Marvel's heroes have formed, and it's going to be interesting to see how many non-mutants he's corrupted into joining him as Dark Ages continues.

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