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Jessenia Cruz would thrive in a leading role on The Bachelorette, after making waves on Bachelor In Paradise season 7. Her BIP story ended on a sad note, but her ability to win over fellow castmates shows that she would be a fascinating Bachelorette. Jessenia is beautiful, intelligent, and full of heart. If she's chosen, Jessenia will be the first Latina lead on the show. Juan Pablo Galavis was the first POC and Latino lead in Bachelor Nation, but producers have yet to cast any Latinas in leading roles. If cast, she can try for redemption after the difficult experiences she's had so far in the franchise. Even former Bachelorette Katie Thurston spoke out on Jessenia's behalf, saying that she wasn't treated fairly.

Jessenia is from San Antonio, Texas, and she's 28 years old. She has two brothers, and her father owns a small business. While growing up, she played volleyball and went on to attend the University of Texas at San Antonio, where she focused on communication and media studies. Jessenia also won the Miss El Paso title in 2017. Now, she works as the sole proprietor of a social media marketing company. With a diverse background in media and entertainment, Jessenia was a natural fit for The Bachelor.

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At the same time, Jessenia dealt with an unfair onslaught of threatening and racist messages from fans of the historically whitewashed show.  Many former contestants have taken issue with the lack of support they've received while dealing with racism in The Bachelor franchise. Jessenia told Variety, "I'm aware I've always been a person color, but to then go home and have to face all these really scary, really nasty messages." She continued, "I had never experienced that type of racism until after the show. And it hurt." The traumatic messages made her think twice about returning to the franchise.

During her one-on-one with Matt, which took place late in the series, Jessenia did form a steamy connection on a race car-themed date. However, the last-ditch effort at romance wasn't enough to make Matt keep her on for more weeks. Jessenia also caught fans' attention when she stood up for herself during a feud with MJ Snyder. The cast labeled MJ fake and divisive. Jessenia proved herself to Matt and managed to reveal MJ's manipulative bullying on The Bachelor.

Jessenia initially coupled up with Ivan Hall. However, she felt a stronger spark when Chris Conran joined the cast. Chris and Jessenia seemed like the most compatible couple on the beach for a few days, until things took an unexpected turn. Chris became enthralled with Alana Milne when she joined the show. Once Chris's intentions were crystal clear, Jessenia took control of the narrative. She didn't hesitate to confront Chris directly. She also rallied her beachside castmates behind her. She then supported Natasha Parker, who found herself in an unfortunate love triangle with Pieper James and Brendan Morais. The pair have since lost thousands of BIP followers. Meanwhile, Jessenia keeps besting her haters, from paradise, the Internet, and beyond.

According to US Weekly, Chris has since apologized to Jessenia, and he is working on his fear of confrontation. He failed to recognize the formidable opponent he targeted on his path of destruction and lies. When Chris ditched Jessenia to make out with Alana, Jessenia moved on immediately. With Joe Amabile and Riley Christian in her corner, Jessenia confronted Chris, saying, "you were setting it up like you were actually here for me, Chris, and you weren't." Joe clocked Chris for how structured his plan seemed, and Riley agreed.

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Jessenia effectively banished Bachelor in Paradise villains Alana and Chris from the beach. On more than one occasion, Jessenia used rationality and righteousness to bring down not one, and not two, but five Bachelor Nation players. Jessenia is a reality star who has earned so much love and respect. Here's hoping she is picked to star in The Bachelorette.

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