Why Dying Light 2's Release Was Delayed Explained by Developer

Techland's Lead Designer, Tymon Smektała has outlined how exactly the studio is making use of the two-month delay for Dying Light 2. Thus far, the sequel has received no less than two separate delays. It first bore a Spring 2020 launch window; Techland postponed the title indefinitely in January 2020. When the game resurfaced earlier this year, fans were told to mark their calendars for December 7, 2021. Dying Light 2's most recent delay pushed the open-world adventure to February of next year.

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Speaking with Edge Magazine (via Wccftech), Tymon Smektała offered insight about the latest change to Dying Light 2's release plans. He told the publication the extended development allows Techland to focus on "double-checking everything in the game." The sheer number of intricate and overlapping systems packed within the experience necessitates this process, he added. While Smektała believes everything usually starts working in tandem, he noted that developers sometimes encounter "various edge cases" where things aren't moving together as intended. The developer continued, "those are usually simple fixes, but you want to make sure you test and catch as many of those as possible. Those extra two months will be spent exactly on this. And maybe we’ll also squeeze in an Easter egg or two…"

Considering Dying Light 2's branching storyline alone, Smektała's explanation seems more than reasonable. Not only will player choices impact the overarching narrative, they'll also directly affect the make-up of the open-world city. The additional two months of production time may very well prove integral to the sequel's success on many fronts.

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Dying Light 2 comes to PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S on February 4, 2022.

Source: Edge Magazine via Wccftech

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