WB's Smash Bros-Like Fighting Game Could Add LeBron James In DLC

WB Games’ Super Smash Bros-like fighting game "Multiversus" could add LeBron James as a playable character in post-launch DLC content, according to an industry insider. The Warner Bros. crossover fighting game hasn't been officially confirmed, but its likelihood seems to be increasing as more alleged details surface. Multiversus is expected to be a Super Smash Bros. clone, supposedly mimicking the popular fighter’s platform-based gameplay while including its own signature character roster. Leaks have suggested which characters could make it into the game, with multiple fingers pointing to Scooby-Doo's Shaggy, Batman, and more being playable.

Real or not, Multiversus wouldn't be first to emulate Nintendo’s successful fighting series. Super Smash Bros.-inspired games have been around a while, with some like Brawlhalla finding popularity online. Other games have utilized their own licensed rosters of recognizable characters to attract players. PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale and the more recent Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl have achieved varying levels of acclaim by leveraging popular PlayStation and Nickelodeon IP, respectively. WB Games’ rumored fighting game is said to be similar, but starring WB-owned characters instead. While Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl has Aang again KoraMultiversus could hypothetically pit Gandalf against Mad Max.

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As shared by Nibel on Twitter, WB’s Multiversus may add LeBron James as a post-launch DLC character (via Game Rant). Giant Bomb's Jeff Grubb spoke about the Multiversus project on his latest GrubbSnax podcast, claiming that while DLC plans are currently up in the air, LeBron James is in the running to be the first fighter to expand the fighting game's roster. Grubb also suggested the Smash Bros. clone could launch as a free-to-play game, which would be an approach akin to the similarly free Brawlhalla. Grubb made it clear that the free-to-play suggestion was just that, though, placing extra emphasis on the word “could.”

So far, there's a long list of characters rumored for WB’s Multiversus, but LeBron James may be the most outlandish pick of the bunch. While characters like Shaggy, Gandalf, and Tom & Jerry are purely fictional, it seems odd that LeBron James would be considered as a possible DLC combatant. Considering how Nintendo designed its post-launch releases for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - utilizing popular but surprising characters from across various video game universes - an NBA star-turned-hero in Space Jam: A New Legacy could make the Lakers player a good fit. Multiversus's character roster will likely be used as more than a gameplay mechanic, serving double duty as a way for Warner Bros. to promote its own properties in the gaming market. Since LeBron’s character in the Space Jam sequel theoretically fits the bill, he may not be the most absurd option for the fighting game's DLC content.

Nintendo consistently wowed with its Super Smash Bros. Ultimate character reveals, enabling the game to garner a lot of buzz online. If Warner Bros. is intent on making its Smash Bros.-like fighting game a success, it may decide to follow suit, and LeBron James could be its ace in the hole.

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Sources: Giant BombNibel/Twitter (via Game Rant)

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