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Warning: Spoilers for Venom: Let There Be Carnage

The marketing of Venom: Let There Be Carnage focused on the battle of its titular characters, and while it kept the movie's many spoilers hidden from view, its main story was also concealed, too. Venom and Carnage are well-known as both enemies of Spider-Man (and also his occasional ally in Venom's case), as well as sworn enemies of each other. Since Cletus Kasady (Woody Harrelson) first teased "there's gonna be carnage" in the post-credits scene of 2018's Venom, Carnage's big-screen debut and battle royale with Venom have been the main marketing hooks for Let There Be Carnage.

Kasady's transformation into Carnage and Venom arriving to stop his rampage are important elements of the movie, to be sure. The film also places much focus on Kasady's Bonnie and Clyde-style romance with his imprisoned love interest Shriek (Naomi Harris), as well. Yet even with all of this going on, the real story of the movie is actually Eddie Brock's increasingly difficult relationship with Venom, which was kept out of sight until the movie hit theaters.

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Despite seeming at ease with each other in the ending of the first Venom, Eddie and his symbiote companion have, to put it lightly, significant lifestyle differences, with Venom's appetite for human brains in particular putting a strain on their relationship. Despite Eddie's efforts to appease Venom's appetite with chicken and chocolate, it was growing harder and harder to hold Venom's taste for devouring humans at bay even with the promise of eating really, really bad people here and there. By the midpoint of the movie, Eddie and Venom finally split apart, with Venom jumping from one San Francisco denizen to another.

Kasady has his own difficulties keeping Carnage in check, his alien symbiote striking Shriek on multiple occasions and ignoring Kasady's commands to stop. While Venom and Carnage set up the hero-villain conflict of the film, the core story is really about Eddie and Venom reaching an impasse on their differences and having a bad falling out. While Eddie and Venom bonded over a year ago, both are finally starting to realize the difficulty of their living situation, requiring them to have a period of separation to ponder if they're really going to be able to live together as one being.

However, even as Venom possesses random people and drops in on a local rave, his and Eddie's split is much more the movie's foundation than is the case for the villainy of Carnage due to how much the two helped each other in the first film. The movie's marketing was at once totally honest and a case of misdirection. The comedic tone of the first film has only been dialed up, while the Venom sequel also avoids an R-rating, but it also progresses Eddie and Venom's character development in a big way. Save for a snippet of Venom breaking Eddie's nose with a headbutt and healing it "so I can break it again!," the trailers kept Eddie and Venom's difficulties out of sight. Venom: Let There Be Carnage sold itself on the meat and potatoes of a symbiote showdown, which smartly hid the real story of Eddie and Venom learning to finally find a manageable middle ground until audiences were actually seeing the movie to give it the most impact.

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