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Warning: Spoilers for Venom: Let There Be Carnage.

VenomLet There Be Carnage included a shocking connection to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in an after-credits scene, but the moment may also be a subtle Sony diss. In Venom 2, Tom Hardy's Eddie Brock and his irascible symbiote continue their Odd Couple relationship, desperately trying to coexist in the same body. In addition to Hardy's return, several actors from 2018's Venom reprise their roles. The returns include Michelle Williams as Anne Weying, Peggy Lu as Mrs. Chen, and Reid Scott as Dan Lewis. Additionally, Woody Harrelson's Cletus Kasady, who was previously teased in a Venom after-credits scene, takes on the role of the main villain, proving to be Venom's biggest challenge yet.

Spider-Man: No Way Home sets up Venom's entry into the MCU. In the first trailer for the film, Peter Parker (Tom Holland) seeks Doctor Strange's (Benedict Cumberbatch) help after the world learns that he's secretly Spider-Man. Doctor Strange obliges and attempts a dangerous memory wipe spell. But because of Parker's nonstop interference, things immediately go wrong. The spell apparently opens a hole in the Multiverse, bringing various villains, such as Alfred Molina's Doc Ock from Spider-Man 2, into the MCU.

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A Venom 2 after-credits scene brings the symbiote into the MCU, but it may also be a Sony diss. In the scene, Venom and Brock lounge in a hotel room, watching TV and discussing secrets. According to the symbiote, he has millions of years of hive mind knowledge that would explode Brock's mind. As the symbiote decides to give Brock a little taste, the world around them changes. Suddenly, the Venom 2 post-credits scene reveals a much fancier room, and the TV is playing footage from Spider-Man: Far From Home showing J. Jonah Jameson (J.K. Simmons) revealing that Peter Parker is Spider-Man. Venom is apparently transported to the MCU (presumably by Doctor Strange's spell), and the nicer surroundings hide a sly secret.

Venom's new hotel room hints that the MCU is nicer than the Sony universe. Venom and Brock are originally in a dark, somewhat dingy room, which completely changes to a much classier setting after entering the MCU. In the new room, the sheets and pillows look pristine, the outside is a beautiful tropical paradise, and there are even towels folded to look like birds, which leaves Venom shocked. The symbiote's life in Spider-Man's universe already seems more pleasant. Everything about the room is better than their previous setting, indicating that everything about the MCU is better than the Sony universe.

Of course, the diss may not be intentional. After all, the scene was written by VenomLet There Be Carnage writer Kelly Marcel, who also wrote 2018's Venom. So the writer wouldn't likely want to take shots at the Venom-verse. Still, it's hard to miss how much nicer the surroundings are after Venom enters the MCU. And with the MCU's astronomical film budgets, the nicer environment makes sense. At the very least, the scene shows that Venom is finally where he belongs.

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