The Witcher: How Season 2's Vesemir Compares To The Games

Here’s how The Witcher season 2’s iteration of Vesemir compares to the video games. The Netflix series is headed towards season 2, out December 17, following the explosive season 1 finale. In preparation, the streaming service has been rolling out the promotional material in a bid to hype up fans for the upcoming storyline that sees Ciri training with Geralt of Rivia at Kaer Morhen, the ancient refuge for witchers. Joining the main characters in season 2 of The Witcher is Vesemir (played by Killing Eve's Kim Bodnia), the most experienced witcher on the Continent.

Vesemir has been a staple in Geralt's life for a long time. A father figure and mentor, the oldest living witcher was one of the only survivors following an assault on Kaer Morhen that killed most of the witchers in the keep. As such, he’s seen a lot of pain in the world around him, and the abundance of knowledge he has is bestowed upon the young witchers he trains. In The Witcher’s season 2 trailer, Vesemir is spotted for the first time, interacting primarily with Geralt. He agrees to train Ciri, which is exactly what he does in the The Witcher games, though he admits to Geralt that he doesn’t know exactly what he’s protecting her from.

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Physically, the Vesemir in the series and the games share a deeply similar look. The live-action iteration retains the slicked back, shoulder-length white hair. Looking fierce, both versions of the character sport a mustache that trails down past their lips. The biggest difference might be in the costume design for The Witcher season 2’s Vesemir. In photo stills, Bodnia’s Vesemir is seen wearing a long leather and vest-like overcoat with wrist and shoulder padding that has a square pattern. The design looks like it takes inspiration from The Witcher games’ Vesemir, whose outfit has a similar square pattern, but it is thicker and a bit more armor-like in its look. Live-action Vesemir also wears a gold wolf medallion the game version does not. They both, however, have the same sword.

In The Witcher games, Vesemir aids Geralt in finding Yennefer of Vengerberg and helping to train Ciri. To that end, Vesemir in the show will be similar to the version in the games, at least with regards to training Ciri in the ways of witcher life. While there isn’t much to be gleaned from The Witcher trailers thus far, Vesemir will likely teach Ciri about monsters and herbs after Geralt brings her to Kaer Morhen. The live-action Vesemir certainly has a world-weariness about him that is akin to the games. He’s seen the hatred people have for witchers, participated in battles, and that is obvious in the way he speaks to Geralt, patient but incisive, in both mediums.

In the games, Vesemir also assists Geralt in finding Yennefer, and protecting Kaer Morhen from the Wild Hunt, who want to kidnap Ciri for her magical blood. It’s possible the elder witcher will do the same in the series considering that he is being introduced after Geralt brings Ciri to the fortress in season 2. The games popularized the world of The Witcher and the characters who dwell in it and, while Vesemir will play a crucial role, his appearances will probably be limited as the story unfolds.

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