The Office: What Were The Characters' Salaries At Dunder Mifflin? (According To Reddit)

The employees of Dunder Mifflin Scranton had to endure a ton of malarky and drama on a day-to-day basis. With Michael Scott as their regional manager, the workers were treated to fake (and real) fire drills, hostages, rodent problems, and more. When fans look back on The Office's nine seasons, they would assume these paper workers would be earning a hefty salary for the foolishness they put up with.

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But in actuality, these workers were at Dunder Mifflin for 10+ years earning relatively low salaries to sell a product they really didn't care about. At the end of the day, the characters stayed with Dunder Mifflin because they were comfortable in their space and with their colleagues (as much as they don't want to admit it). It was never about how much they made in a year; it was about comfortability in the workplace.

Updated On October 19, 2021, By Lynn Gibbs: With The Office being a workplace comedy, it's easy for fans to wonder about Dunder Mifflin employees' salaries. Even Michael Scott's salary was questioned in an episode when Darryl encouraged him to ask for a raise so that those beneath him could earn more. Nevertheless, working at a failing paper business in Scranton, Pennsylvania, wasn't making the characters the money they were worth. In fact, fans on Reddit came together to hypothesize how much the characters' salaries actually were. 

Toby was the head of human resources at Dunder Mifflin Scranton. He had a close relationship with those at corporate and appeared to follow most of the rules. However, Toby wasn't necessarily great at his job since he couldn't control the office.

One Redditor believed that Toby made around $60,000 a year. Other fans on Reddit, however, thought that Toby made around $50,000 a year instead. Funny enough, if Toby did make upwards of $50,000, fans felt like he was overpaid.

Darryl Philbin started off at Dunder Mifflin as a warehouse assistant before advancing to a foreman position. He was in charge of all the shipments, pushing millions of dollars of product. Darryl may have seemed restless at times but he was good at his job and had some of the best quotes in The Office.

He was so good, in fact, that Jo Bennett gave him a raise and promotion to marketing director. Before his raise, one Redditor believes Darryl was "around 40k" a year. They continued writing that Darryl would then make "between 55k and 65k after his raise." Fans based Darryl's salary off of his position and the fact that he wanted as much as Michael was making (but Michael hadn't asked for a raise throughout his entire tenure with Dunder Mifflin).

Kelly Kapoor may have managed herself but she was not easy to manage. As Scranton's customer service representative, Kelly didn't have the most strenuous job in the office nor did she work with anyone else. In fact, most of her scenes weren't her working; they were of her and her cringe-worthy relationship with Ryan.

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Kelly didn't start caring about her job until later in the series when she had the chance at a managing role. According to Glass Door, Kelly is presumed to make around $29,487. But Redditor JrScout believes she made a little more. "I'll use my own wage experience to guess that Kelly likely makes between $27 and $32k," they wrote.

Kevin Malone is an accountant, but numbers aren't his thing. As an accountant working with two professionals like Oscar and Angela, Kevin's position at Dunder Mifflin didn't make much sense and it's likely he got paid the least out of the three.

Bombay66 wrote that Kevin made around $37,500. "Kevin was originally supposed to be working in the warehouse, so Michael probably got him on the cheap," they said. Over on Glass Door, however, it's believed that as an accountant he earned upwards of $50,000.

Also in accounting, Oscar was the next in line as the head of the department — even though he was probably the smartest person in the office. Bombay66 believed that he made around $42,000.

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However, when Pam gave herself a new title (office administrator), she said she earned $50,000, to which Oscar was shocked. HapaMari, however, thinks that Oscar earned more than $42k a year. At the time in Scranton, they wrote, "The average accountant, according to Payscale, makes $51,000 a year. That's about $4,250 a month." And considering his strengths at Dunder Mifflin, Oscar should have earned more than Kevin.

Phyllis Vance is a sales rep. at Dunder Mifflin, but compared to Jim, Dwight, and Stanley, she wasn't the best at her job. And one thing that Office fans don't know about Phyllis is how much she made in comparison to her colleagues.

Icy-Engineering1583 told Reddit, "Phyllis and Stanley probably make closer to around $54,000 a year each if they're also in sales. They wouldn't have their jobs if they didn't do that well." Fans believe Phyllis and Stanley had a similar salary but Stanley actually reached his goals and got bonuses.

Angela Martin was a mother of one child and plenty of cats. As head of the accounting department and someone who's been at Dunder Mifflin for years, RedditsBillionithUser believes Angela earned more than Oscar and Kevin as the head accountant: "Assuming she wasn't a CPA, but did have an accounting degree, she would probably be looking somewhere around $48k." They continued saying, "[Angela would make] more if she had her CPA, less if she didn't have an accounting degree." While Angela has done bad things in The Office, she was great at her job.

Dwight Schrute was one of Dunder Mifflin's top sales reps. He was over-the-top but he was good at his job and became head of sales. Throughout nine seasons, fans have watched Dwight become the regional manager of Dunder Mifflin Scranton. And while that didn't happen until later, he was still making great money as a sales rep. He was even the company's Salesman of the Year.

Manojar noted that there was a time where Dwight was satisfied with $30,000 a year before making around $55,000. Bombay66 wrote, "Best salesman in the company, probably makes $40,000 on top of his base salary." But when Sabre bought Dunder Mifflin, Dwight earned even more money. A Redditor reminded fans that at one point, "Jim would have peaked at 90k a year with Sabre, as there is an episode where Dwight and Jo talk about how Dwight [was] going to make over $100k."

While Pam and Jim's relationship timeline was at the center of The Office, her longtime role as a receptionist was also dissected. Pam was a receptionist for years before transitioning to a salesperson. When she realized how hard sales was, she created a new title for herself: office administrator.

As a receptionist, Glass Door suggested that she earned around $30,000 a year. As a failing salesperson, it's assumed she made less than her job as a receptionist. But when she became an office administrator, The_Fungible_Man reminded Reddit that Pam and Oscar discussed her office administration salary. They wrote, "[Oscar] thought $40K was good, but $50K was too high. He was ok with the final $41.5K. So there's a reference point."

Some of the best Jim episodes were when he was with Pam. Along with their life at Dunder Mifflin, their relationship was also a strong storyline. As a salesman, it's hard to tell who the more successful sales rep is between Jim and Dwight. Dwight had been at Dunder Mifflin longer than Jim, but did Dwight's commission checks match Jim's?

SirRupert told Reddit that they found a picture of Dunder Mifflin's sales records and it was as followed, "I found, you can see Jim's sales for Nov, Dec, and Jan are 31k, 24k, and 11k, respectively." They continued writing, "Let's say the top salesman sells an average of $20,000 worth of paper every month. That means he makes $2,000 in commission monthly, or an extra $24,000 per year, putting his yearly earnings around $66,000." Due to Jim's transition from Stamford, his salary was probably increased at some point.

Fans began to really wonder how much Michael made as a regional manager after he wouldn't give Darryl a raise because then he would be making more than himself. As the regional manager of Scranton's branch, Michael would have theoretically earned the most.

One Redditor wrote, "Michael makes less per hour than the warehouse head so I'm assuming around 50k but they very likely got him for less." However, Bombay66 thinks he made upwards of $60,000. "$60,000. Darryl says he makes almost as much as Michael, which wouldn't shock me if a foreman was making close to $30 an hour. Michael probably should have been making closer to $80-90k a year, but he loved his 'perks,'" they wrote.

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