The Best Ways to Play Fortnite Without Spending Money

Considering how many ways players can dump dollars into the world's most popular battle royale shooter, many players may wonder how to actually play Fortnite without spending any money. While early online games required their player bases to pay monthly fees to play at all, modern titles grab players with an entirely free-to-play model. Then, they introduce awesome cosmetics at a premium. While cosmetics aren't necessary to play and enjoy Fornite, they take the experience to the next level, and few players will want to be without them.

V-Bucks are the battle royale's in-game currency, used to unlock Fortnite's endlessly-growing list of skins and cosmetics. Like many online games, there are two ways of earning this currency: playing the game, or paying actual money. While hardcore fans might end up spending hundreds (or thousands) of dollars on the game, most players can't afford to do so. Luckily for thrifty gamers, there are a few methods of unlocking skins and cosmetics without spending a dime. Here are the best ways to play Fornite without spending any money.

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Fortnite players don't necessarily have to purchase Battle Passes themselves. Whether as a birthday gift or a special treat, players can gift the Battle Pass to their friends. Fortnite is an inherently social game, with a fun atmosphere and massive community. Since many players will get into the game with their friends, gifting Battle Passes to each other when funds are low is a nice way to thank a friend for carrying the squad through particularly rough matches.

Earn Free Tiers on the Battle Pass

While the Battle Pass serves as a monthly subscription that unlocks much of Fortnite's content, players can still earn its free tiers and unlock the pass simply by playing. The catch is that this method will take a few seasons to complete. Each season only has a set number of free Battle Pass tiers, which provide a set amount of V-Bucks: 300. This limited amount won't provide the necessary 950 V-Bucks to purchase a Battle Pass, which means players will need to complete these free tiers across four seasons.

With Fornite seasons lasting an average of 80 days, players will need to complete seasonal free tiers for just short of a year to be able to buy a Battle Pass for one season. Once the pass is unlocked for the season, players can play the game to earn all the skins, even grabbing highly sought-after Fortnite skins at the very end of the Battle Pass, like Carnage from Spider-Man. They will also receive a number of V-Bucks back, often enough to purchase the Battle Pass again next season.


Enter Giveaways and Win

Streamers and YouTubers hold giveaways for large quantities of Fortnite V-Bucks. While it's based on luck, winning such a lottery will often provide more than enough V-Bucks to purchase a Battle Pass and additional cosmetics. Some giveaways provide cards that are worth thousands of V-Bucks.

Earning cosmetics and skins for free in Fortnite certainly isn't easy. While the game is designed to ensure that purchasing V-Bucks is almost inevitable, players can still get some nice goodies out of the game with enough time and patience.

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Fortnite is available for PC, Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS.

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