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90 Day Fiancé, where online couples from different countries get together for a month and a half to test out their relationship in real life, is practically reality TV royalty. 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way star Brittany Banks told ET that she had dated an 85-year-old before coming on the show. While the original series has never featured someone past retirement age, 90 Day Fiancé has filmed hopeless romantics in their 40s, 50s, and even some approaching 60!

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There's no right age to find love, and these original 90 Day Fiancé participants are proof of that. Some viewers may think that older age would mean less excitement and drama for the show, but these oldest cast members have proven that they're anything but boring.

10 Danielle Mullins, Season 2 - 41

Danielle was on the second season of 90 Day Fiancé and was the oldest participant to appear so far on the show at 41 years old. She had been in an online relationship with Mohamed Jbali, who was 26 and from Tunisia. Although Mohamed moved to Ohio to be with Danielle, their relationship wasn't off to a good start, with both of them lying about several things.

Things got even more tumultuous when Mohamed left Danielle after the wedding and she saw pictures of him with another woman on social media. Although they were divorced, Danielle still held a grudge and actively tried to have Mohamed deported. A bright spot of their episodes was Tom, Mohammed's friend and future roommate that he met in a Walmart, and one of the best side characters on 90 Days Fiancé.

9 Michael Jessen, Season 7 - 42

Michael, who lived in Connecticut, was a cast member in the show's 7th season. In an exciting twist, he had met his girlfriend, Juliana Custodio, 23, in person at a yacht party in Croatia, instead of online. Juliana was originally from Brazil and the two had tried to get her a tourist visa and failed, so Michael decided to propose.

The two were madly in love from start to finish. Michael's ex-wife and mother of his children even officiated the couple's wedding. Things were so peaceful that there were weird added moments of tension about a prenup that were definitely staged 90 Day scenes. But the relationship didn't stay peaceful. Fans were shocked when they announced their somewhat messy split recently, and Juliana is now located in Germany.

8 Josh Batterson, Season 5 - 43

Josh was a 43-year-old from Arizona who met Aika, a 36-year-old from the Phillippines, on a dating app. Josh had been married twice before and had two estranged kids from his first marriage. The two hit a few bumps, with Aika wanting children but Josh refusing to reverse his vasectomy, but they were very in love from the start, with Josh noting, "I thought I was done with married life forever--then I met Aika."

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Josh asked Aika to marry him after being in the Phillippines for five days. Even though Aika was nervous to be in Arizona and Josh's friends were wary of Aika's intentions, the two got married and are still together as of now.

7 Matt Ryan, Season 4 - 43

43 and from Kentucky, Matt Ryan met 30-year-old Alla Fedoruk, who was from Ukraine, on a dating service during 90 Day Fiancé's best-ranked season. The two had talked briefly but lost touch. Years later, they were able to reconnect. Things were not looking good when Alla mentioned that she didn't love Matt yet, and Matt continued to have residual trauma from past infidelities from partners.

But, the couple was enamored enough to get married and even go house hunting during the show. In 2020, Alla gave birth to her second (she has a son named Max) and Matt's first child, Emmalyn, and the two are still together and in love.

6 Tarik Myers, Season 8 - 46

Tarik Myers, 46 from Virginia, and his fiancé Hazel Cagalitan, 28 from the Phillippines, had met previously on 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days and were engaged on the show's second season. Hazel, whose own son lives in the Phillippines with his dad, moved to the U.S. to be with Tarik and his daughter.

As an openly bisexual woman, Hazel had expressed wanting to add a third member to their relationship and Tarik had welcomingly agreed. The couple faced harsh criticism when the pair's ex, Minty, bashed them on 90 Day Bares All. Even so, the couple is happily married and currently post adorable social media posts about each other.

5 David Toborowsky, Season 5 - 48

In 90 Day Fiancé's fifth season, 48-year-old Kentucky resident David Toborowsky and 24-year-old Thailand native Annie Suwan were cast members. The two were yet another pair on the show that had met in person first when David had lived in Thailand. They had many problems from start to finish on the show. David had no money to his name and heavily relied on his friend Chris to pay for things, which Chris's wife didn't like.

Although they had a 24-year age difference and David had a history of alcohol abuse, infidelity, and financial problems, he and Annie got married and later moved to Scottsdale, Arizona. They're still married today and have appeared on several of the show's spin-offs. Their love for each other and banter made them one of the most memorable couples on 90 Day Fiancé.

4 Rebecca Parrott, Season 8 - 49

Rebecca Parrott, 49, lived in Georgia when she met Belizean 27-year-old Zied Hakimi on Facebook. Like Tarik and Hazel, the duo met previously on 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days. Their time on the show was full of controversy, with Rebecca's daughter, Tiffany, being especially outspoken about her distaste for her mother's actions.

Rebecca and Zied had one of the biggest age differences on 90 Day Fiancé and several cultural differences. They did get married, despite all of the conflict, and although several rumors and allegations have popped up about them since their season, they appear to still be happy and in love.

3 Stephanie Davidson, Season 8 - 52

Stephanie Davidson, who was 52 and from Michigan, paired up with Ryan Carr, who was 27 and from Belize. The two met in person when Stephanie took a vacation to Belize. There was infidelity on both sides from the start of their relationship. Ryan was talking to various other women in addition to Stephanie, and Stephanie hooked up with Ryan's cousin after Ryan allegedly attacked her.

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After the show, Stephanie did her own "tell-all." She shared that, because filming coincided with the start of the pandemic, Ryan was unable to come to Michigan to move in with Stephanie and she was unable to visit him anymore. With the pressure of long-distance, the couple eventually broke up. Stephanie went on to say they broke up before filming because he had demanded money from her.

2 Angela Deem, Season 7 - 53

Angela Deem, 53 and from Georgia, was a 50-year-old contestant with a closer age gap with her partner. Michael Ilesanmi, from Nigeria, was 31 during his time on the show. Things were up and down with the pair during their time on 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days, and they broke up before getting back together again. The situation didn't get much better on the main show, with the couple repeatedly lying to each other and arguing.

After Michael's fiancé visa is denied, Angela decided to marry Michael in Nigeria and apply for the visa that way. Things have not been a "happily ever after" story, as seen on the couple's anger and argument-filled appearance on Happily Ever After?With all of her immaturity and angry outbursts, Angela is a 90 Day Fiancé cast member fans would rather avoid.

1 Mark Shoemaker, Season 3 - 58

In one of the most controversial relationships on the show, Mark Shoemaker, a 58-year-old from Maryland, became engaged to Nikki Rose Gervise, a 19-year-old from the Phillippines. The couple's 39 year age gap was a shock to not only fans of the show, but Mark's children, who were all older than Nikki. Mark even gifted her with a car when she arrived in Maryland and then had to teach the teenager how to drive it.

The two ended up getting married on the show and went on to try to sue the production team for breach of contract, but a judge threw out the case. Although the two are not present on social media, they're assumed to still be together and have been spotted out together in the area according to a few Redditors.

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