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Netflix's new adult animated series Inside Job takes a satirical swipe at the nature of U.S politics, conspiracy theories, corporate malfeasance, and the white-collar workspace in general. The story follows Reagan Ridley (Lizzy Caplan), a talented tech upstart who works to expose the shadowy secrets of Cognito Inc., a nefarious government organization she works for.

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On her quest to air Cognito's dirty laundry, Reagan depends on, interacts with, and often butts heads with extremely colorful coworkers, friends, and family members that make Inside Job a whip-smart satirical comedy that everyone can enjoy.

10 Reagan Ridley

As the series' clear-cut protagonist, Reagan Ridley is the focal point of Inside Job. Lizzy Caplan lends her laconic sense of humor to deliver hilarious lines of dialogue as the socially inept tech genius. However, it's the optimistic idealism and will to improve society that makes Reagan so easy to cheer for.

Beyond her aspirational and inspirational status as a strong, smart young woman climbing the ranks of a male-dominated corporate world, Reagan's enterprising attitude leads her to create ROBOTUS, a robotic doppelganger for the U.S. President she hopes will grant her a promotion. It's through Reagan's wide eyes that viewers witness all of Cognito's corruption and incompetence.

9 Rand Ridley

Prone to the most outlandish conspiracy theories imaginable, Rand Ridley (Christian Slater) is Reagan's hysterically paranoid father who was dismissed as the CEO of Cognito for outing the Deep State. In between his flame-throwing competitions with former TV host Richard Dawkins, Rand spends his time plotting revenge on Cognito while mooching off his daughter.

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Christian Slater reminds people how funny he is in a performance so wildly over-the-top that it's easy to forget who voices the character. Whether he's attending a wedding with flat earthers, chasing Reagan to the moon, and accusing Buzz Aldrin of sleeping with his wife, Rand provides endless laughs on the show.

8 Tamiko Ridley

The family dynamic between Reagan and her mother Tamiko (Suzy Nakamura) provides huge laughs on the show. Divorced from Rand, Tamiko spends her time writing an extremely graphic erotic memoir that makes Reagan very uncomfortable. When Tamiko isn't confessing to being a bad mother when Reagan was a child, she is trying to convince her daughter to date the hot young pool boy.

The way in which Reagan awkwardly and anxiously responds to her mother's carefree sexuality couldn't be more amusing, especially when Cognito develops a dating app that further encourages Reagan to find a boyfriend. Tamiko is so unlike Rand and Reagan, with their difference highlighted with great comedic effect, especially when Tamiko decides to marry herself just to incense Rand. Tamiko is both one of the best TV moms and worst TV moms of the past decade.

7 Bear-O

Bear-O is the name of Reagan's childhood robot friend that helped her develop a love for technology. She and Rand rebuild the bot early on, unaware that the advanced technological creation is the secret mole working to bring down Cognito as an Inside Job. As such, Bear-O is the de facto antagonist of the series.

The importance of the character to the plot is what makes Bear-O such a strong presence on the show. The dramatic conflict of the entire series leads to the shocking revelation of Bear-O as the traitorous mole, with the baleful bot going into full attack mode in the final episode as it tries to kill Reagan and her friends. Despite wishing the robot to be friendly, Bear-O goes berserk in the end.

6 Brett Hand

Brett Hand (Clark Duke) is a corporate yes-man who becomes Reagan's workplace rival in the pilot. While they butt heads for occupational dominance, Brett's deceptive frat-boy demeanor is a mere ruse for his soft, sensitive side as a man who wants to make the world a better place.

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As both Brett and Reagan evolve during the series, their heated rivalry turns into a mutually respectful partnership as they try to identify the corporate mole working against Cognito. In becoming a trusted accomplice, Brett even manages to save Reagan by subduing Dr. Skullfinger in his evil lair. When push comes to shove, Rand is a good-hearted person who has Reagan's back despite their career competitiveness.

5 Glenn Dolphman

Voiced by John DiMaggio, Glenn Dolphman is a half-man-half-dolphin hybrid whose unique visage alone makes him one of the most memorable characters on the popular conspiracy theory show. Dolphman was created as a supersoldier by the U.S.military and now presides over Cognito's stealth biological weaponry.

In addition to poking fun at the rampant conspiracies theories of governmental officials being comprised of human-animal hybrids, Dolphman swapping bodies with Brett is one of the funniest subplots of the show. Proving that beauty is only skin deep, Glenn romantically fails as Brett while Brett reconciles with Glenn's wife while appearing as the Dolphman.

4 J.R. Scheimpough

As the current CEO of Cognito, J.R. Scheimpough (Andy Daly) seemingly proves his worth time and again by verbally weaseling his way out of every tough corporate dilemma. But when J.R. declares Cognito as bankrupt and later insults reptoids, the company seems to be in the wrong hands.

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Despite his slick talk, J.R.'s bumbling actions as CEO is meant to emphasize how the company would succeed far better under Reagan's leadership, with her promised promotion serving as one of the major dramatic conflicts. By identifying and deactivating the mole, Reagan proves she is a better leader than J.R., who shows his true colors by joining the Shadow Board.

3 Gigi Thompson

Martin alum Tisha Campbell gives an unforgettable turn in Inside Job as Gigi Thompson, the motor-mouth gossip queen, and chief Cognito PR officer. Speaking at an unintelligible mile a minute, Gigi relays the most vital corporate intel that nobody can understand.

As the Head of Manipulation and Subliminal Messaging, Gigi is also meant to satirize the nature of political spin, the lack of transparency, and cynical misrepresentation of the facts given to the public by political officials. Campbell delivers her fast-talking lines with droll vim and vigor, often stirring up office drama with her gossipy nose-poking.

2 Magic Myc

Perhaps the most inventive character on the show, Magic Myc (Brett Gelman) is a cynical and sardonic psychedelic magic mushroom found inside Hollow Earth. The hive-mind creature can read people's thoughts and has its chemical properties milked in order to create Cognito's memory-wiping product.

Poking fun at the stoned-ape theory of human consciousness, Magic Myc is one of the most playful character conceits on the show, hinting at an alien race responsible for creating human intelligence. Moreover, as the de facto narrator, Myc often has the final say in a given episode.

1 Dr. Andre

Hilarious comedian Bobby Lee plays Dr. Andre on Inside Job, a freewheeling biochemist who indulges in strong experimental narcotics as a way to bolster Cognito's medicinal stronghold. The most irresponsible person in one of the most important positions, Dr. Andre is an absurd loose canon who provides endless amusement.

Whether he's contracting STDs from an orgy, imbibing large quantities of unknown chemicals, or loafing around with the hive-minded magical mushroom Myc, Dr. Andre is one of the funniest characters played by one of the most entertaining cast members.

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