Ted Lasso: 10 Ways Sam & Rebecca Are Perfect Together

There have been many couples introduced in Ted Lasso already, even after just two short seasons. But perhaps the most controversial of them all to date has been the season 2 romance between AFC Richmond owner Rebecca Welton (Hannah Waddingham) and star AFC Richmond defender Sam Obisanya (Toheeb Jimoh).

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Many fans who were upset at this development had been rooting for a relationship between Ted and Rebecca, while others were more open to this romance and were curious to see where it went. Although the two are separated by the time season 2 ends, there are many reasons that Sam and Rebecca work well together, and many reasons that they could find their way back to another in time.

10 They Were Completely Unexpected

In its two-season run so far, Ted Lasso has found one way after another to catch viewers off guard. Many viewers suspected that Rebecca's romantic storyline in season 2 would find her and Ted getting together, given sitcom conventions for will they, won't they relationships.

Instead, Sam was revealed as Rebecca's mystery suitor, and the series was all the better for this decision. It proved that Ted Lasso still had tricks up its sleeves, even when viewers thought they had the wholesome series all figured out. The shock of their relationship only heightened viewers' reactions to it, and a renewed focus on the series going forward as it played out in real-time.

9 Their Chemistry Is Natural

It's always a gamble for a series to put two characters in a relationship. Even if they may have had strong chemistry as friends, it's not always the case that this chemistry will translate in a romantic way. Likewise, even if romantic chemistry is strong, it won't always be the case that it lasts in the long term.

In the case of Sam and Rebecca, however, their chemistry has transcended naturally from one dynamic to the next. Their rapport felt warm and believable as boss and employee. As they grew closer, their friendship felt earned and comfortable. When they finally gave in to their romantic feelings and moved from friends to lovers, the chemistry was undeniable, providing the series with some of its most charged moments to date.

8 Rebecca Makes Sam Realize His Worth

It's often said that the best partners are ones that lift you up and make you realize your true potential. For Sam, Rebecca was exactly that kind of partner. Season 2 placed a greater responsibility on Sam's shoulders from the very beginning, once he took on the team's corrupt sponsor. But as season 2 continued, Sam began to flourish in a leadership role just as his relationship with Rebecca progressed.

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It was through Sam's journey in his relationship with Rebecca that he figured out the kind of man he wanted to be. He did not want to join Ghanian billionaire Edwin Akufo's new team. Instead, he wanted to make a name for himself, and a place for his people, with AFC Richmond and his new Nigerian restaurant venture.

7 They Make Each Other Happy

When Ted Lasso first began, Rebecca was a woman struggling with the pain of divorce, and the complete loneliness she could feel creeping into her life as a result of her husband's betrayal. She broke down on multiple occasions, fearing that she was contributing to her own isolation and that the divorce was perhaps even her fault for not realizing her husband's cheating ways sooner.

But in finding a real connection with Sam, Rebecca finally learned to let herself experience real happiness again. Other than in her friendship with Keeley, Rebecca has never looked as happy and as fulfilled as she does during her time with Sam.

6 They Aren't Ashamed Of Their Feelings

Even though Sam and Rebecca never went public with their relationship during their brief time together, it was always clear that they were genuine in their feelings for each other. Although they tried to fight it at first, neither of them could ignore their connection for very long, nor did they want to.

Although Rebecca would eventually call things off with Sam, due to a fear of really falling for him and potentially getting hurt again, never once were their feelings for one another in doubt. They were always open and honest with each other, making them arguably one of the least toxic sitcom couples in recent memory.

5 They Subvert Tired Romance Tropes

In the world of sitcoms, age gaps are hardly regarded in a positive light. Most frequently, couples with age gaps involve older men taking advantage of younger girls, or older women deemed cougars for going after younger men. Even in Ted Lasso, the lecherous Rupert was depicted as cheating on Rebecca with one younger woman after another.

But Sam and Rebecca's relationship was never judged through any of these stereotypical lenses. Even though there was a delicate power dynamic at play between them, their relationship was allowed to be its own, unique storyline, and their decisions as a couple were unburdened by their social status.

4 Sam Is Wonderful, And Rebecca Is, Too

Ted Lasso is a series filled with incredible, complex, lovable characters, but Sam and Rebecca might be two of the series' most beloved. They have had some of the series' most interesting arcs so far, taking the series to unexpected places as a result. As a couple, their distinct types of "wonderfulness" were all the more apparent.

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In a show packed to the brim with characters who deserve only good things, Sam and Rebecca both deserve the best. As a consequence of their relationship, they were able to find a place where they could both feel safe, and cared for, and appreciated for just how wonderful they truly are.

3 Sam Was One Of The First Players To Respect Rebecca

When Rebecca gained ownership of AFC Richmond in her divorce, many of the team's players remained stubbornly loyal to the previous owner. While they didn't outright disrespect Rebecca and her authority, very few of them ever acknowledged her position or regarded her with respect.

But Sam, alongside then-captain Roy Kent, was one of the first members of the Richmond club to treat Rebecca (Ms. Welton, as he regularly called her) with the respect she deserved as the team's new owner. Even though it was never really in doubt, this point alone further stresses that Sam has always been a good man.

2 They're What They Both Need Right Now

Sam and Rebecca may not be the "endgame" goal for the series in terms of romantic relationships, but there's nothing wrong with their relationship in the short term. Both of them need something different from this relationship, which only the other one is capable of providing them.

Rebecca has been desperate for a reminder of what it feels like to be in love and to be loved. Sam gave her that, but just enough so that she knew she couldn't be hurt in the long run. On the other hand, Sam has needed assurance that he is a person others can turn to and count on. As a result of their relationship, Sam learned who the man he wanted to be really was.

1 The Signs Have Been There All Along

Some viewers have tried to decry the introduction of Sam and Rebecca's relationship as just another absurd sitcom plot twist. But the keenest viewers have realized that this relationship is something that has been in the cards all along, thanks to a few small moments in the series' first season.

In one moment, Rebecca sat beside Sam, and even briefly with her arm around him, during a pivotal moment in AFC Richmond's locker room. In another, Sam was the only player to deliberately reach out to Rebecca and encourage her to join the team in a key social evening. These two characters were always reaching out to one another, long before their romantic connection was realized.

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