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Survivor is a reality show, and like most reality shows, viewers can typically spot the beasts of the competition. They are typically quite easy to suss out - they're athletic, they're often muscular, and they appear far more fit than their fellow contestants. It's obvious that players like Tom Westman and Terry Deitz will go far owing to their strong physical statures, and indeed, they are two of the most prolific immunity challenge winners.

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But some ferocious competitors prove quite surprising - a fact that is typically hidden by their small statures or lack of public confidence. Either way, these players proved that appearances aren't everything.

10 Keith Nale

It's no secret that the older guys don't typically do well on Survivor. They're often the first to go, and at 53 years old, Keith Nale seemed like an easy target on San Juan del Sur. However, Keith had a secret weapon up his sleeve, and that's his profession as a fire captain.

It's obvious that Keith was used to physical and mental demands, and that helped him win an astounding 23 challenges throughout his two seasons on Survivor. Keith Nale proves that the old men don't always go home early.

9 Spencer Bledsoe

Spencer Bledsoe doesn't come off as a potential competition beast. He's not especially muscular or physically imposing, but despite sharing seasons with big guys like Tony Vlachos and Jeremy Collins, Bledsoe held his own in challenges.

In fact, throughout his two seasons on Survivor, Spencer emerged victorious in 18 challenges. That includes numerous individual immunity wins, which helped Spencer go deep in both Cagayan and Cambodia.

8 Kass McQuillen

Looks can be deceiving, and Kass McQuillen proves it. Kass initially appeared on Cagayan and no one expected much out of her. She is quite small in stature, wore glasses, was over 40 years old, and was working as an attorney.

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If anything, Kass looked like an unassuming woman who worked an upper-class desk job. And while she has only won one individual immunity, Kass was paramount in numerous tribe wins. Throughout her Survivor career, Kass has won 12 challenges, including eight in Cambodia alone.

7 Sophie Clarke

No one could have assumed the domination that Sophie Clarke would have over South Pacific. She didn't seem like she had it in her to win, being a young medical student who played an under-the-radar game. However, Sophie utilized her intelligence throughout much of the game, and it led to seven challenge wins (including three individual immunities).

She also proved dominant in Winners at War, mixing physical capabilities with a stellar mind for puzzles. These puzzles are some of the toughest challenges in Survivor's history, yet Sophie solved them like they were nothing.

6 Jenna Morasca

Jenna Morasca was probably cast to fit the stereotypical "beauty" slot, as she worked as a swimsuit model. Unfortunately, those types of contestants don't often perform well in challenges.

But like Kim Spradlin-Wolfe, Jenna shattered both expectations and stereotypes. Her challenge performance through The Amazon was impeccable, winning nine challenges and three individual immunities. Her last two wins were especially clutch and undeniably helped her win the season.

5 Darrah Johnson

No one on Pearl Islands predicted Darrah Johnson to be as big of a physical threat as she turned out to be. A 20-year-old mortician, Darrah wasn't pegged as much of a challenge player in the early half of the game - especially after her Morgan tribe lost the first three challenges.

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However, the merge changed everything, and Darrah went on a surprising challenge winning spree that included three straight individual immunity wins. Unfortunately, this only worked against her, and she was unanimously voted out at the final four for the danger she posed.

4 Kim Spradlin-Wolfe

Going into One World, Kim Spradlin-Wolfe wasn't seen as much of a competitor. She worked as a bridal shop owner and didn't appear especially athletic. Furthermore, her poor performances in the early competitions only solidified the idea that Kim would be little more than the stereotypical beauty.

However, she shattered those stereotypes by going on a late-season tear, winning four of the last five individual immunity challenges. To this day, Kim is one of the most dominant players based on immunity wins.

3 Susie Smith

Susie Smith flew under the radar throughout much of Gabon. An underrated season of Survivor, Gabon is known mainly for its nonsensical gameplay and explosive personalities. Susie was quite quiet in comparison, and it helped her fly under the radar for much of the game.

Not only was she quiet, but she was physically weaker than many of the other contestants and nearing 50 years old. Despite her lack of physical prowess, Susie Smith emerged victorious in 10 challenges throughout Gabon, including two individual immunities.

2 John Cochran

Another strong player from South Pacific, John Cochran doesn't look like much of a competitive threat. Many contestants on Caramoan fell victim to Cochran's unthreatening looks and poor challenge performance on South Pacific and believed him to be a non-contender.

However, he surprised everyone with his dominant performance in challenges. He ended up winning a staggering 12 challenges throughout the season, including three individual immunities. These 12 wins were three times as many as he won in South Pacific. It's one of the best redemption arcs in Survivor history.

1 Bob Crowley

Gabon is a wild and unpredictable season, and that includes the surprising challenge run of Bob Crowley. Bob was thin, nearly 60 years old, and worked as a physics teacher. Those three ingredients don't exactly scream "challenge threat," and many contestants and viewers perceived Bob as the stereotypical "nerdy old guy."

But he proved everyone wrong with dominant challenge performances, winning an unbelievable 14 challenges and three individual immunities. To this day, Bob is the oldest winner of Survivor - a title and record that was undeniably aided by his impeccable challenge performance.

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