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When castaways compete on Survivor, they have to leave everything behind: their jobs, their homes and their loved ones. They have to make peace with this separation in pursuit of the $1 million prize, but they often find hardships along the way as they begin to miss the people the loved ones they leave behind.

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That's why it is so important to many players to make it to the family visit reward challenge. This usually happens late into each season. Each player still in the game has a special someone from home who has come to visit them on the island and potentially spend a full day and night at camp. Over the years, there have been many memorable Survivor family visit episodes, but only a few of the reunions brought everyone, from other contestants to viewers at home, to tears.

Shane Powers was known for his eccentric antics on the beach during Survivor: Panama, frequently getting into spats with fellow castaways and, memorably, fashioning a toy Blackberry out of a piece of driftwood.

All of his comic relief and pot-stirring aside, Shane was a doting father who loved his only child dearly and talked about him often. That's why it was so emotional when his teenage son, Boston, walked onto the sand for the loved-ones visit. Shane won the challenge tied to the visit, which meant he got to spend the rest of the day with his son, a reward he assured his tribe and the viewers at home he would cherish forever.

Adam Klein was an outsider for a majority of season 33. He felt alienated from the so-called "cool kids alliance," and didn't quite fit in with the Gen X players either. However, Adam was able to connect with the audience on a deeper level by revealing very personal information about his life.

Adam shared that his mother was sick with stage IV lung cancer, and that it had actually been their dream to play Survivor together. When Adam's brother emerged on the beach for the loved-ones visit, Adam couldn't help but burst into tears and ask for an update on his mother's condition. It was a special experience for Adam and his brother to share, especially since he couldn't share it with his mom.

Jay Starrett and Adam Klein were on opposing sides for much of Millennials vs. Gen X, but their bond (and bromance) on Survivor started to form after the loved-ones visit, during which they both displayed adoration for their mothers.

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Jay broke down at the sight of his sister, Melanie, telling host Jeff Probst and his fellow castaways that they had been through everything together and that he loved his mother and his sister more than anything in the world. It was Jay's vulnerability during this moment that cemented him as a fan-favorite and a friend of Adam's for life.

Brenda Lowe had one of the most heartbreaking choices to make when she won the loved-ones challenge during Survivor: Caramoan. She and Dawn Meehan could either spend the day with their loved ones, or she could give everyone else on her tribe the opportunity to be with theirs instead.

Brenda ultimately made the best decision for her game by granting love for her fellow castaways instead of herself, though it was not a decision that was easy on her. It was emotional for viewers to watch as she said goodbye to her father, as well as when Dawn, whom she had chosen to accompany her on the reward, had to say a tearful farewell to her husband.

Rob Mariano made his fourth attempt to win Survivor on Survivor: Redemption Island. Having already had a successful Survivor showmance that led him to his wife, all he needed was to finally win the title of Sole Survivor and the $1 million prize.

Because Rob's wife Amber was pregnant with their second child when he competed in the 22nd season, his sister was his loved one who came out for the family visit. Rob had an emotional reaction to seeing her, especially when she gave him a shirt with his daughter Lucia's face on it. Rob wore it in the subsequent immunity challenge, quite literally carrying his family on his back as he competed.

Taj George talked about her husband often at camp on Survivor: Tocantins. Her fellow castaways were shocked that she was talking about the football legend Eddie George, but to Taj, the famous NFL running back was the love of her life and the father of her child.

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When her tribe attended the Survivor auction, Taj was granted the surprise of a lifetime by getting a chance to spend the night at Exile Island with Eddie. In turn, she gifted her tribemates a night at camp with their loved ones. Taj's reaction when Jeff told her that her husband was on the island remains one of the most emotional, joyful moments in Survivor history.

Tony Vlachos was hoping to see his wife on the beach during the Survivor: Cagayan loved-ones visit, but was instead greeted by his longtime best friend.

The reason behind Tony's wife's absence was rather sweet. She needed to stay home with their 4-month-old daughter. Tony's visit from his friend only fueled him, as his pal relayed love from his wife. Tony had an emotional moment as he longed for his family, but he went on to win the season, earning a reputation as one of the greatest Survivor players of all time.

Rick Devens had to overcome a lot during Survivor: Edge of Extinction. He was the fourth person voted out, but battled the grueling conditions of the season's titular twist so that he could get back into the game.

When he won the re-entry challenge, Rick was delighted, but he was even more delighted when he made it to the family visit and got to reunite with his wife, Becca. Rick and Becca's love was so pure and emotional on-screen that viewers became fans of them outside of the show and continue to support the two of them on social media.

Not only was Cirie Fields one of the most likable players to ever be on Survivor, she proved to be one of the most lovable humans ever when her husband paid her a visit on Exile Island.

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Cirie's infectious laugh and adorable smile were on full display when she was reunited with her husband, HB. It was impossible not to root for her to do well in the challenge and get a chance at spending quality time with him. Their reunion was also emotional, because the love between the two of them was so obviously genuine and tender that it made their goodbye that much harder to bear.

Jeremy Collins and his wife Val had competed together during Survivor: San Juan del Sur. For Survivor: Cambodia, Jeremy competed alone, but he got a second chance at experiencing Survivor with Val when she came to see him for that season's loved-ones visit.

Val's appearance was special for an extra reason. She was pregnant, and learned the sex of the baby. During the visit, she whispered the information to Jeremy at the challenge, revealing to him that they were going to have a baby boy. Jeremy kept Val's pregnancy secret until the final tribal council, where he tearfully shared how excited he was to become a father to another child.

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