Suicide Squad: King Shark Reveals the 'Human' Form of Nanaue's Father

Warning: contains spoilers for Suicide Squad: King Shark #5!

A recent issue of Suicide Squad: King Shark reveals the "humanoid avatar form" of Chondrakha, aka the Shark God and father of Nanaue. The series follows King Shark's participation in the Wild Games - a deadly combat tournament fought once every thousand years to cleanse the Red (DC's elemental force of animal life) and decide which species will continue to survive and evolve. Nanaue entered the tournament at his father's urging, but only thanks to a deal the Shark God struck with Amanda Waller, which sees King Shark serve on the Suicide Squad at the pleasure of his divine father.

While many fans know King Shark from James Gunn's The Suicide Squad - where he was voiced by Sylvester Stallone - the character's history stretches back way further, to 1994's Superboy #0. Generally treated as near-feral muscle by teams like the Suicide Squad and the Secret Six, Nanaue is currently under the thumb of Amanda Waller, but the comic has revealed that rather than implant him with a neck bomb like Task Force X's other members, she uses his father's authority (and threats against his friends) to keep him in line.

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Unfortunately for Chondrakha, he didn't make it clear to Waller that King Shark would be entering a dimension where her jurisdiction doesn't reach, leading her to assemble her supernatural Limbo Legion against him in an attempt to force the god into returning her favorite muscle. While Chondrakha puts up a fight in his massive shark form, he's defeated when Waller's secret team capture King Shark's mother - and Chondrakha's priestess - Kaikea. The Shark God informs Waller how to access the Wild Games, later visiting with Kaikea in Suicide Squad: King Shark #5 (from Tim Seeley, Scott Kolins, John Kalisz, and Wes Abbott) to discuss the fate of their son. It's here that fans get to see what the Shark God looks like in his human form.

Fans have seen a semi-human version of King Shark's father before, when the monstrous Kamo was captured by Waller in Suicide Squad vol. 4 #25. While that form was powerful, its canonicity is now questionable, and Suicide Squad: King Shark takes pains to point out that this is Lord Chondrakha's true humanoid form, and the one with which he and Kaikea conceived their child. Fans of The Suicide Squad had to take Waller's word that Nanaue was the son of a Shark God, but comic readers get to see the real deal in all his glory, both as a gigantic, ultra-powerful shark capable of tearing holes in reality, and as the more humanoid individual who shows the first signs of actually caring for his son.

There are still mysteries to be solved regarding the Shark God's deal with Waller. The final page of the latest issue shows her spiriting King Shark away as a child, his father crying at the memory. While Nanaue is convinced of his father's disdain - especially after Chondrakha's battle with Waller's Limbo Legion kept him from watching his son's battles - that's clearly not true, and there's the outside chance fans could get to see some kind of reconciliation before the story's done. For now, King Shark fans will have to be satisfied with seeing the Shark God in all the glory that The Suicide Squad denied them, as DC makes it clear that as strong as Nanaue may be, Lord Chondrakha is a god in the truest sense of the word.

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