Succession Season 3 Premiere Easter Egg Hints At Kendall Tragedy

Warning: Contains SPOILERS for Succession season 3, episode 1.

The Succession season 3 premiere contained a BoJack Horseman Easter egg that could signal the darker shift coming for Kendall Roy (Jeremy Strong). After an extended two-year hiatus, Succession returned to HBO and HBO Max in October 2021 with season 3, which picked up shortly after season 2's dramatic ending. Following on from Kendall's explosive press conference, wherein he revealed years of wrongdoings and coverups at WayStar and implicated his father, Logan (Brian Cox) in those, Kendall is now looking to strengthen his own position.

Much of Succession season 3, episode 1 is about Kendall assessing his options and which pieces he has to play with, with Logan attempts to make his own moves. This chess-like battle between father-and-son promises to turn Succession  into a Roy family civil war, with various characters setup to turn one way or another. But while Kendall in Succession season 3 is mostly smiling, laughing, and cracking jokes about O.J. Simpson, there are lots of hints at something much worse happening to him.

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As part of Kendall's attempts to win the media battle following his revelations, which would be a key victory in the now-escalating war, he looks to re-brand his image via social media. While this starts off small, with cousin Greg (Nicholas Braun) providing some Twitter updates, Kendall then starts to think bigger and look to truly make his social media profile more engaging and likable, for which he mentions getting in some "BoJack guys." The Easter egg is to BoJack Horseman, or more specifically the Twitter account that was aligned with the show, which perfectly captured the series' humor. It's easy to see why Kendall might want such talented comedic social media managers behind @realkendallroy, but given the themes and story of BoJack Horseman, it also hints at the dark, spiralling path he is now on.

Both Succession and BoJack Horseman are shows that perfectly blend comedy and drama, and expertly take a satirical look at topics such as fame, wealth, abuses of power, and mental health. All of those are present in Kendall's current storyline, and if it does end up anything like BoJack, then it makes he's only going to keep falling further downward. Kendall's behavior in Succession season 3, episode 1 suggests he's having a manic episode, and much like BoJack with depression, this suggests something that will increasingly be a part of Kendall's story. In BoJack Horseman, though, his actions did not only hurt himself, but many of those closest to him. As Kendall is looking to go to war with his father and will perhaps try to pull some of his siblings into it, then there could be even greater damage caused as this plays out.

Similarly, the idea of getting some "BoJack guys" in for his Twitter account shows that Kendall is going to be courting even greater fame in Succession season 3, looking to win in one of the courts that matters most: public opinion. BoJack himself was, at points, desperate to stay relevant and make sure he hadn't been forgotten, and while Kendall Roy isn't an exact parallel there (he isn't a faded sitcom actor... but then nor is he a talking horse), it could further signal that he'll do whatever it takes to try and appear as the "good guy" in the battles to come, while at the same time taking down his father and his family by any means necessary.

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