Star Wars Reveals Palpatine Never Learned All The Sith Secrets

Emperor Palpatine was one of the most powerful dark side users in Star Wars history, but there were secrets of the Sith that even he didn’t know. Only a few characters can claim to be in the same league as Palpatine in terms of power - Darth Vader, Yoda, Luke Skywalker - but what set Darth Sidious apart, aside from his powers of manipulation and skill in political maneuvering, was his vast knowledge of the dark side. He may have ignored (and underestimated) the light, but few covered the breadth of Sith history like Palpatine did.

That is why Palpatine came closer than anyone to achieving the ultimate goal of the Sith: unlimited power and eternal life. Palpatine learned incredible Force powers, such as Essence Transfer, as a means to cheat death, and as such he was able to outlive multiple apprentices, a rare feat for any Sith Lord in Star Wars. Knowledge is power, after all, and Palpatine had plenty of both.

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And yet, for all of Palpatine’s abilities and research, he did not know all the secrets of the Sith Order and its dark history. A tie-in book written from the Emperor’s perspective, titled, ironically enough, Secrets of the Sith, confirms as much. In a section on the Sith homeworld Moraband (renamed Korriban by George Lucas), Palpatine reveals he heard the voices of ancient Sith Lords calling him to the planet and other Sith worlds, so that he could learn from them. The Emperor, however, decided against going, which means there are some areas of Sith knowledge and history that even he never knew or truly understood.

It's easy to imagine that Moraband would have had a lot to offer Palpatine. Aside from being a key Sith location (especially prior to Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker's reveal of Exegol as their hidden redoubt), it was the resting place of Darth Bane, creator of the Rule of Two. Yoda himself ventured there in Star Wars: The Clone Wars and encountered a vision of Bane, and it's quite likely he was one of the voices calling out to Palpatine. Part of Yoda's journey was to learn more of eternal consciousness, which makes it more surprising that Palpatine was so dismissive of the call to Moraband, but does fit with his arrogance often being his undoing.

Regardless, Emperor Palpatine did learn secrets of eternal life even without visiting with the ancient Sith on Moraband, but the dark side ways are vast and there's likely plenty even he didn't know about that has instead been lost to time. For instance, the prophesied Sith'ari, a person who would lead the Sith, destroying them and yet making them more powerful than ever before, isn't mentioned in the book (or elsewhere in canon). But given it was so closely linked to Darth Bane (who was believed by many to be the Sith'ari), then it could still be explained as something Palpatine never learned because he chose not to go to Moraband in Star Wars canon.

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