Star Wars' New Zugorak Predator Makes the Sarlacc Look Pathetic

Warning! Spoilers for Star Wars: Bounty Hunters #16

The newest monster in the Star Wars galaxy called “the Zugorak" makes the Sarlacc look pathetic. Dengar’s worst nightmare turns out to be even worse than Boba Fett’s doom.

There have been a wide range of creatures revealed throughout the saga, from the krayt dragon in The Mandalorian to the Ranthor in Return of the Jedi. Although Din Djarin and Luke Skywalker were able to vanquish their beasts, not every hero is so lucky. When Boba Fett seemingly met his demise to the Sarlacc pit, he was in the process of being digested over a thousand years. As the galaxy continues to expand, a new monster puts the vicious Sarlacc to the test in Star Wars: Bounty Hunters #16, written by Ethan Sacks with art by Paolo Villanelli.

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When Dengar is abandoned by his fellow bounty hunters and left to fend on his own by  Beilert Valance, the Zugorak reveals itself. Bursting out of the water beneath the ice, it proves to be a formidable threat to Dengar. Although he taunts the creature lurking underneath him, he quickly realizes his mistake as he raises his blade. “Oh, come on! Come and try it!” As the Zugorak roars and shows its full form, Dengar backs away. At his most desperate moment, the bounty hunter is saved by Crimson Dawn’s assassin Deathstick, who blasts the beast as it prepares to eat Dengar. According to her, he would be getting digested by the creature, possibly in a similar fashion to the agonizing digestion process of the Sarlacc pit.

Deathstick’s sudden appearance and execution of the Zugorak raises a few questions, as it seems she has taken down the species before. When the announced miniseries Crimson Reign releases, fans might learn more about the mysterious Deathstick through the expanded story focused on the crime syndicate. Based on some rushed introductions of new characters throughout the War of the Bounty Hunters event, an expanded backstory on the assassin is needed. However, it doesn’t appear to be promising as the title has a wide array of questions to answer that fans have had since Lady Qi’ra communicated with Maul in Solo: A Star Wars Story.

With Deathstick’s display of power over Dengar, he owes her for saving his life. He’s also likely to be generous in his returned favor, as he wouldn’t want word to get out to his bounty hunter peers that he depended on Crimson Dawn in his time of need. Even with his current reputation having lost Han Solo, Boba Fett would only think less of Dengar. Ironically, Fett would soon learn what it’s like to be swallowed whole by the Sarlacc. The next time that Dengar runs into a Zugorak, he’ll know that he needs more than a dagger to defend himself.

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