Squid Game Customizable Shirts & Hoodies Now Available From Netflix

Netflix is now selling customizable Squid Game hoodies and shirts on its website. Released in September 2021, Squid Game has quickly become a global phenomenon and one of Netflix’s most popular series of all time. Written and directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk, the survival thriller focuses on the deadly contest that involves 456 people, from all walks of life, who become players in a series of children’s games to win the ultimate cash prize. Now, the popular series has inspired a new line of merchandise from Netflix. 

Netflix has officially rolled out customizable Squid Game merchandise, available for purchase at the Netflix.shop website. Including T-shirts, a shirt that allows the customer to select a player number, a customizable hoodie that represents the guard ranks, and more, the apparel ranges from $34.95-$49.95 in price. Available to order in the US, the official Squid Game collection is captioned, “If you’re like us and love Squid Game, you’ve come to the right place - and the stakes aren’t as high."

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For now, the Netflix shop doesn’t sell Squid Game player tracksuits or red guard jumpsuits. However, the red jumpsuits from Squid Game are expected to be Halloween 2021’s most popular costumes and can be acquired on third-party websites. Continuing to top the Netflix rating charts, Squid Game has inspired merchandise, TikTok challenges, and dalgona candy baking kits. Of course, Netflix continues to soar on the unexpected success of Squid Game and could stock up the online store with more unique items as the fan base for the series continues to grow.

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